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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Sites


Some VEry Good Website which provide ED treatment Pills are..

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I got banned because I was too fucking stupid to read the rules for this forum.

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I have started a thread on my experiences with ED as a heavy weed smoker of 10 years addiction I would love it if you guys could take a look and suggest any good routines or any advice? I also feel like my dick has a leak, my head is always soft with a natural erection I have to use a clamp to get it up properly and this is probably not too healthy..
Marijuana smoker bad erection progress thread

Not sure how to put a link in properly sorry..
I will look at these site thank you guys hope it helps me :-)

I too have had some ED problems, but all before I started PEing. All 3 times, I got somewhat hard, then went completely limp when getting the condom on. Hopefully these links will help.

That’s a common problem, alex, and not caused by organic ED. You probably have nothing to worry about except getting the condom on, a critical moment when stimulation stops and you are, meanwhile, anxious to get on with the rest of the show.

Make sure you are using a brand that fits you well and feels comfortable to you. Helps, too, to have the condom at the ready rather than feeling around in a drawer in the semi dark for the box, etc. etc.




I cannot get full erections

With the condom off I can get maybe 70% erection but then when it goes on and I put it in it goes soft again


Originally Posted by Disease8
I have started a thread on my experiences with ED as a heavy weed smoker of 10 years addiction I would love it if you guys could take a look and suggest any good routines or any advice? I also feel like my dick has a leak, my head is always soft with a natural erection I have to use a clamp to get it up properly and this is probably not too healthy..
Marijuana smoker bad erection progress thread

Not sure how to put a link in properly sorry..
I will look at these site thank you guys hope it helps me :-)

Weed does not make you impotent and addicted!totally opposite

Hey I found those google groups a bit hard to follow compared to a forum like this.

Can someone give me some information on curing ED. I’m only 24 and it’s ruining my life, I cannot live like this and it’s only just started.

Over the last 2 years I’ve noticed that I haven’t got erections like I used too. I used to get them almost whenever I day dreamed about sex, then that started to fade and then porn was the go and that then started to fade. I could always get it up 100% for sex though, even when drunk! Until the other week!! Took a girl home while on holiday and wasn’t nervous but couldn’t get it up until I tried for like 20mins and then it wasn’t that hard. Very embarrassing. Then next night picked up another girl to have another try, got it up and thought I was all good, but once I put a condom on it was severely diminished which is not usually the case. I have been so stressed about it so I went to the doctor. He said there are no options but to take Viagra or Cialis I think it is which is not what I wanted to here. He’s ordered blood tests to check testosterone etc cause I did a cycle of roids about a year ago.

I got the blood tests back and my cholesterol was normal and my testosterone was high! He said it’s most likely all in my head and that it’s just performance anxiety. This struck me as weird cause the first time it happened id been drinking and wasn’t nervous!. He said I just need to get back on the bike so to speak and get comfortable again. He suggested using the ED pills to do this. Atm though I don’t know when my next root will be as I don’t have a girlfriend and in the mean time I’m panicking about this life ruining situation.

I’m really fit and eat really well so I am guessing at my age is must just be a mental thing?
Could it be a circulation thing? I notice I in the last 6 months have got dead arms and legs more often than I used to.

My results said I had low vitamin d because the sun isn’t out often when I love so I’m taking vitamin d tablets. I read somewhere zinc tablets can help?? Even when I do watch porn nothing happens unless I really go to town to get it up and even then the head isn’t swollen and angry like it used to be.

Please please give me some helpful advice. If it was performance anxiety surely it wouldn’t be happening when I was alone at home with porn!?

Thanks in advance!

P.s I used to do p.e a few yrs ago when I had more time, does it help cure ed? Atm p.e seems hard because I can’t get any blood in my cock it seems and you are ment to be half aroused to do most exercises.

He gave you good advice. A couple of failures do not equal ED. Use Viagra or Cialis just a couple of times and you will be back on the bike by yourself.



Don't worry

Just relax and don’t worry. As much as you think of the problem - it will be worse. The worsest thing is to think about erection at the moment when it should occur - this will make the nightmare circle - thinking about NOT getting an erection and REALLY not getting it. If this happens to you , don’t hesitate - take half of sildenafil or something like that (cialis,levitra or so). Just get your confidence back.

On the end of the day, every machine sometimes needs better fuel ;-))

By my mid 50s, my age-related problems had reached a point where I couldn’t function well anymore and not just in the bedroom with minor ED problems (I could get it up OK, but lost it very easily). My job as an environmental scientist required a “trail blazing” ethos – nothing rote. My mind just would not work properly and I announced to my fellow company Directors that, if I couldn’t resolve the issue, I would have to retire. I could not justify drawing a reasonable salary while not being productive.

Apart from poor functionality and declining bedroom performance, my symptoms didn’t worry me too much. Symptoms included:

• A decline in mental skills, concentration and memory
• A loss of focus and drive
• A questioning of my values and accomplishments
• A loss of goals and directions in life
• A decline in bedroom performance (a decline in sex drive, frequency of sexual thoughts and erectile dysfunction)
• Failure of the morning woodies – they just didn’t happen anymore
• A decline in lean muscle tissue and an increase in body fat (especially developing “chicken” legs, a “beer gut” and “man boobs”). Simple jobs that required medium level strength were now very difficult
• A decline in stamina
• A pronounced drop in energy levels
• Hot flushes and sweating (especially in bed in the early morning)
• Loss of body hair (started around the ankles and worked upwards)
• Irritability – negative attitudes about life overall (I didn’t recognise these, but everyone else did)
• Depression (would seem to follow on from everything above naturally).

Other symptoms that I don’t think affected me can include:

• Nervousness and anxiety
• Decreased ejaculatory force and volume (but I never measured it to know)
• Bone deterioration in advanced or prolonged cases of testosterone deficiency
• Circulatory problems.

Further details on this matter can be found at…d=94&Itemid=143. This is the best website I’ve seen on these matters. It’s an Australian Association for men.

Various sources suggest that testosterone is much more than just a sex hormone. With testosterone receptor sites throughout the body, it plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system, insuring proper heart function, regulating mood and cognition, controlling blood sugars, regulating healthy cholesterol levels, controlling blood pressure, preventing heart attacks, and even reducing the risk for prostate cancer.

Through the web, I discovered all this had a name – andropause. I found various lists of symptoms, most of which I had (see above). I also discovered what happens with testosterone as we age – we produce about 1.5 to 2 percent less per year from about age 25 or 30 onwards. Initial losses don’t matter, but eventually it all catches up. Some suggest this can be exacerbated by stress, including PTSD.

More than that, as we get older more of what testosterone we do produce quickly becomes unavailable to do it’s work (it’s not how much you’ve got in your blood, but how much you have that is available). Further, some is converted fairly quickly to estrogen (some men in their 60s produce more estrogen than their wives). I discussed this with my doctor and have not looked back, going onto hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Most of the symptoms of andropause just disappeared after about six months.

Now I can say fairly confidently, that not only have all symptoms gone away, but I can build muscle – not much, but more than I’ve put on for years. At the gym, I can keep up with many guys in their 30 and 40s, benching 80 kg (my body weight) and pushing 65 kg with the military press. I should stress, though, that my focus here is very much on well being and bedroom performance, not muscle – that’s just a very pleasant side effect. And I should mention that, along with HRT, I’m taking L-Arginine and zinc supplements (and Creatine to help at the gym).

Several problems seem to go along with HRT in men, including:

• Once you’re on it for any more than about six months, you’re probably on it for life – your balls can shut down because your production of luteinising hormone collapses. But if they’re not working anymore, so what? I take Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin) to offset this and to stop them shrinking too much.
• You need to ensure that the hormones you’re on are human copies, I.e. Are bioidentical and not copies of other animals, such as horses.
• You have to monitor prostate cancer closely. Bioidentical testosterone does not seem to increase your chances in getting this cancer, but it might exacerbate it if you do get it anyway. In fact, the most common treatment for prostate cancer seems to be, what is essentially, chemical castration.

The benefits are as dramatic for men as women. If you surf the web, you’ll find that many other positive health-related benefits are likely as well.

If anyone wishes, I am happy to discuss any aspects my experiences on this further. Please just ask. There’s a lot that I have not said here for fear of boring you all.

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Originally Posted by themexican
… . And my testosterone was high! He said it’s most likely all in my head and that it’s just performance anxiety …

Did he just test for testosterone or free testosterone. They are different — see my post above. And there are a heap of medical conditions that can cause ED as well. Your doctor should know these and test you for them. As for zinc, most of it is stored in your prostate gland in the seminal fluids. Each time you ejaculate, you lose most of your store. Some guys don’t ingest it very well and/or live in an area where the soils are deficient (food). I take it because I don’t ingest it well and get a post cum headache if I don’t, especially if I cum more than once a day for a couple of days — that really depletes my stores.

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Originally Posted by myhardwear
… . It could be a venous leak (when the veins in the corpora cavernosa do not close enough to retain the blood in the penis properly)… . Has your friend tried a cock ring?

Part of my ED problems in my 50s were a venous leak according to my doctor (along with very low testosterone levels), but I’m not sure whether he was looking for a label to give me or it was fact. I’ve described my HRT above. Along with that, I also take L-Arginine — sort of like a natural Viagra that is much cheaper and does not give me headaches. And, sometimes use a cock ring. The cock ring sort of works OK, but I don’t like the feel of it. Suffice to say, all my problems have now gone away.

Hi, Tweaking;

What is most revealing about the site is what is not revealed. There is no information on Dr. Richards that I could find. Is Dr. Richards really a doctor and if so, a doctor of what?

There is a footer on most pages which says “Copyright © 2010 The products in this site have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” Buyer beware.

The most common theme of the site is “sexual exhaustion.” And there is an implication that more frequent sex is bad whereas many studies have shown that men who have more frequent sex with the help of proven drugs can actually increase their EQ and have more satisfactory lives.

There is a lot of speculative bullshit, including “recommended” frequencies of masturbation and sex. I was awfully disappointed to find that after age 45, which includes me, masturbation is allowed 1 time per week, however I can have sex a little more often but not nearly as often as men who are younger than I. I came to the conclusion that I must have “sexual exhaustion.”



Thanks Avocet, I felt a little silly after posting the link when I had read a bit more about the site, but you have definately illuminated a number of other technical issues such as the copyright and lack of information on Richards M.D. (lol).

It does seem to be a stockpile of bullshit.

I was enticed because the site seemed to appear non-commercial or gimmicky, but I now see that that affect in itself was the gimmick.

“There is always another layer of conspiracy beneath the one we see.”
- Phillip K. Dick.


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