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HPV... dammit, so now what

HPV... dammit, so now what

My girlfriend has it. It had incubated from a while ago and even though I look 100% OK odds are I got it…we’ve fucked twice a day for a month since the first tiny warts appeared on her.

Any guy ever had this? How did you treat it?

This sucks

Go to your urologist and tell him. HPV can’t be traced in males so tell him straight up what the problem is. He should perscribe you some anti wart medicine, in form of lotion or something.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I don’t have any warts at all. But can I still have sex without giving it to people?

Will I EVER be able to have condomless sex without giving it to a girl? I hear this thing about it having no cure and yet that it goes away after 1-2 years. Confusing info

Not all strains of the HPV produce warts. The dangerous strain which can lead to Cervical Cancer in women doesn’t produce visible warts. The warts are unsightly, but completely harmless. This information came from my excellent doctor. I had my warts burnt off by a urologist using Tricloro Acetic Acid; it burns like the fires of hell but was very effective. The remaining warts were mopped up by using the commonly prescribed Aldara cream. Before seeing the urologist my doctor prescribed Aldara but it had only limited success in clearing the warts. The urologist told me that Aldara was the only treatment with real science behind it, but it was less effective in my case due to a lack of permeability in the skin. Following the acid treatment I was warned to expect occasional small outbreaks of warts and to treat them with Aldara. What I did was to carefully slice the tops off the new warts with a sterile blade and then apply the Aldara, which cleared them within days. When I told the urologist about this he said to do whatever seemed to work. This condition sucks but my superb doctor told me not to get too worried as your body eventually gets on top of it, and she was correct. Hope this helps.

Some HPV strains produce warts, some produce cancer. The wart ones can be spread skin to skin, so a condom is not necessarily going to stop them. Also, as with many STIs, many people who carry HPV will never experience symptoms. And HPV is almost impossible to test for in males. So if you do not experience symptoms you still probably contracted it, based on the story you told.

The good news is that there is now a vaccine for the four major types of HPV. So if a girl is vaccinated, you can’t spread it to her unless you have a more obscure form of the virus. Unfortunately the vaccine is $300 and takes something like half a year to take effect.

I’m sorry to hear of your situation.

Most sexually active people carry a strain of HPV, if that’s any consolation.

Try Nature’s Way DIM-Plus (Diindolylmethane) some studies say it has anti HPV effects. My SO had HPV (her gyno told her) and oddly enough I had a small wart on the tip of my index finger that ends up near her cervix at times. After I did some research we both took it for three months, my wart disappeared, so did her HPV (she had a pap smear and exam). Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Just one person’s opinion. You can google it, we took 2 a day and extended for another 3 months after her exam.

I think you need to do a lot of research on this topic. A lot.

Good news is that oftentimes the body will ultimately filter it out of the system, but that takes many years.

Bad news is you are a time-bomb, condoms are essentially worthless because the virus is located on the skin oftentimes and not necessarily seen. And you can be subdermally infected.

There are a LOT of reasons you need to do research. Try several govt and health agency sites and match up the info from them to get a broad understanding.

And no, there is no test for men. And neither should you take anyone’s word from this forum - including mine - as gospel truth, no matter how much you want to believe it.

Anyone wanna guess at what the estimated infection rate of 25-year and unders is?

Anyone wanna guess at what the estimated infection rate of 25-year and unders is?

More than 2% busterhymes, more than 2%.

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I say 1 in 4.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hey man, you’re not alone, but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. Basically, the general statistic is that if you’ve had sex with more than 3 people, you’ve got HPV. Albeit it IS an STI, but there are some upsides to this one. This is what my girlfriend and I have learned from this. 1) there are 4 main strains of HPV that are dangerious (ie, cancer causing), and there’s a shot for them. Ask your gf or next girl to look into it if she’s really concerned. 2) There is almost no way to find it or treat it in men 3) the other strands can be removed using freezing (nitrogen, or other treatments), and generally this will kick start the immune system enough to kill off the infection (happened in my last gf and I’ve only ever had one wart, in my pubic area not on the shaft but that got frozen and nothing every since). So it really isn’t THAT bad, just be glad its not syphillis or something haha. There is a bit of a downer though, you can’t really tell if its ever really gone, and since it’s a skin infection its damn hard to get rid of if you even can. Even then, if you’re body is suppressing the symptons odds are you’re still carrying it and can pass it on. HPV causes physical symptoms, warts, in women most of the time rather than men, so we’re really just carriers. On another upside, it is fairly common, it could be worse, and just be thankfully its not damaging unless you get one of the really rare strains. If you’re worried about it being a damaging strain I believe your gf can get her blood tested to see if it is or not. Might be worth your/her while.

If you got anymore questions feel free to PM me or post here again. I’ve been through this man, and have moved gf’s since, it’s not easy, but it can be done as long as your girl isn’t some stupid broad (no offense, not saying she is, just that educated and calm people tend to handle news like this better, especially considering the low risk factor of contracting this). Hang in there man, eventually it’ll just be in the back of your head and you won’t worry as much, just don’t forget about it.

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My wife supposedly has it. I don’t give a shit. I lick her and fuck her. This has been going on 3 years. The guessers (doctors) tested her 2x and they are convinced she has it. I am not. I don’t believe in it.

I’ve had no problems with it. However I keep my immune system functioning properly like God intended and it’s not a problem.

If it were me, I’d pretend such a thing does not exist. It’s not denial. It’s mind over matter man.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

3 years ago I found out I had it. It scared the shit out of me and my girlfriend. Then we got over it. Life is back to normal. Go see your doctor and get treated.

A vaccine for women is available, but not a cure. Thus, if you meet a girl who has been vaccinated and get it on, “maybe” she will not get it. I don’t know if it protects against all types of hpv, but it can’t hurt for a prospective partner to get it. The problem here is how are you going to tell her. I am sure you don’t want to say it on the first date and by the time you are comfortable to tell her, you have already messed around and a good chance exists that she will have already contracted it. This is because you can supposedly get it from skin to skin contact. I.e. Rubbing, oral etc.. Even though you did not have intercourse.

All in all. Stay positive and upbeat and things will get better with time. Make sure to go to regular visits to you doc. PM me with any question because this is just a brief part of my experience with this.

My wife has it. I do not. I don’t dwell on it or even care about it, but that’s just me. Am I going to get tested? No. So I can be labeled with some disorder that someone else believes I have? NOT !Most people think I’m out of my mind, but I’m the complete opposite. I’m in my mind and I control my body. Most people don’t have the balls to decide to be like this because they have been warped by the beliefs of society, medicine and parenting and religion. Decide to do what you want to do, but worrying about it is going to weaken your immune system.

I drink 20 8oz glasses of carrot juice per week. Fresh made / organic. I have not had as much as the sniffles in 5 years or so.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Yeah, do some research, man.

HPV is often self-clearing. In rare instances it causes cervical cancer in women, and in even rarer instances it causes penile or anal cancer in men.

Lots of people carry it without knowing, your girl could have had it for a while without an outbreak.

For you start here and then Google the rest.

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