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How to get rid of pubic hair without shaving? Have HPV and cannot shave.

How to get rid of pubic hair without shaving? Have HPV and cannot shave.


Im really getting a nasty tuff of hair down their and I would love to shave it off, but I have HPV and was told this will spread the virus. I just look down their and groan because I am one of those guys that has curly nasty pubic hair and would love to get rid of the hair, but cant shave.

I saw this stuff, called nads, it is for hair removal, and kinda works like a wax, but without the pain. What do you think about this as an option?


scissors works

Or plucking or waxing. But you should really go back to your doctor and ask if either of those (or anything else you might try) would spread the virus too. How bout an electric trimmer? It won’t take all the hair away, but at least it’ll shorten down quite a bit.

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How about getting rid of the HPV?! Liquid nitrogen? Freeze ‘em!

Unfortuantely, Nads doesn’t work like advertised. Waxing really isn’t that painful, just one quick rip and you are done. It will sting yes, but doesn’t last more than 10 to 20 seconds. You do need to watch for ingrowns for awhile and those can be more painful than the waxing itself.

I hope that helped.

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I didn’t work well for me but plenty of the guys have had success with this. We have had threads on this product and you might want to do a search. I would most defiantly ask your Doc and do a crawl through which
ever health or HPV related forums you use as well.

It says “formulated for black men” but plenty of our guys that tried and liked it are not black.

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