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Warts and HPV infection

Warts and HPV infection

This summer i started getting really small usually 1mm spots, what i assume and the dr did was juvinile warts (luckily definitly not genital!) just started with 2 then got more till i got a good 10 just above my public hair line over the months (took me a while to go to the dr) and just below where i used to scratch myself all the time out of habit (next time i will wash my hands!!!), but luckily never on my dick or anything like that (a bad place still!), i managed to after a good blasting with gel to burn them of and cutting them of. Now my partner of the time always rubbed against them while having sex (for 9 months) and never has got or got these warts and neither the next partner i had did either and never got any (i told her, she didn’t care). But when my immune system is low, like i get a few bad nights sleep (i assume), i get the odd one or two tiny ones in the same area or close to it and have to cut, or burn them for a few days to get rid of them again. I know HPV stays in your body till you build a sufficantly good immune response which takes months even years in some cases. Does anyone know of any cream or anything like that, that i can put on the area to suppress the virus till my body can get rid of it totally? I am using ‘no more warts’ at the moment no idea if it really works or anything, it seems to work but i cannot be sure… i just don’t want anymore of them because i want to have sex without having fresh scars around my pubic hairline!! :(

I read somewhere that the FDA approved salicylic acid for the treatment of warts, you can generally find it in any over-the-counter acne medication. You may not see immediate results using this, but many have claimed that their warts go away after a few months. Try doing this when you take a shower everyday so it becomes routine for you. This is what you do:

Get some kind of washboard or rough surface (maybe an acne scrub or something similar to that) that you can rub the dead skin off on. Take a shower. When you’re done, lightly apply a towel to the pubic area, don’t dry it completely; you want to make sure the area is damp because the chemicals will get absorbed into the skin faster this way. After you do that, apply the salicylic acid to the area and wait for it to dry. Then you can get dressed and continue on with your day.

Hope this helps,

they are to small for rubbing 1mm max usually and just read bumps sometimes with white cores but not spots, infact i found another one today, i think i might get a new one every week (although very tiny, i suspect it is Molluscum contagiosum as it fits the description as they appeared in almost a line area along where my hands path scratches, looks exactly like it and symptoms fit apart from that my girlfriend never caught it, but most people are immune to it if there immune systems not lowered.
Not as bad as warts but still driving me up the wall, i use natural antivirals and salicylic acid already, but they are general to small for acid really and it takes ages and scars, i have cut 2 more of tonight alone and covered the wound with salicylic acid gel to prevent infection! i figure if i keep cutting them of, washing hard, lots of antivirals on the skin it should eradicate it once it has all finished incubating and erupted on the skin, just gotta keep at it:( Shame i can’t know for sure which it is because the is no good test and my silly dr just looks in a textbook while i have the whole internet!

I need a mircle cure i want sex but its embarressing having a potential STD how ever minor :(

I had a wart on my shoulder once and I used dry ice to freeze it. The wart dried up and fell off in a few days.


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"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


From your description, I think you should read this:

Pearly Penile Papules

No mr clyde they are flat warts or Molluscum contagiosum because they can rapidly spread. burnt and cut them all of just scabs and scars left now to heal. I just hope they don’t come back, I think its when my immune system is low, so I will have to make sure I get my sleep over the next few months.

Really annoying!

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