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Can I still PE with HPV?

Can I still PE with HPV?

Well I just found out my GF the only girl I have ever been with gave me HPV. Apparantly she slept around behind my back now I got HPV from her! Damnit! As if I dont have enough crap to deal with!!

So I want to continue PEing but can I?


I don’t see why not! As long as they arent causing any pain or discomfort if you have visual warts they can be removed. HPV from what I read seems to be more harmful if you are a women.

What has your girlfriend had to say about this?

I agree with belowav, in that I see no reason why you should not be able to do PE.

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Yes you can still do PE with HPV. I speak from experience, I have HPV although I no longer have any visual symptoms and haven’t in over a year. The largest hurdle with continuing your PE routine is if you are treating them. Timing your workout between applications of the treatment is tricky because you obviously don’t want to rub it all of once you’ve applied it. I’m not sure about surgical removal though I’ve heard that leaves some small wounds that could make PEing difficult. If your main concern is spreading it around don’t worry too much this is a localized virus that’s why they are called genital warts. The virus is in your system anyway around the genitalia is just it’s manifestation point. Plow ahead my friend all will be well.

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Im just more worried about spreading more warts around the penis itself. Yeah I opted for the topical treatment. Have you guys seen the alternative. You know the stuff they use to freeze off the warts you get on your hand and then they scrap them away with a tool. That is the same stuff they use on your penis, liquid nitrogen!! Youch!!

Oh and just a warning to you all, you can still get HPV from someone even if you where a condom!!

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