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HPV - Genital warts?

HPV - Genital warts?

Ok to make a long story short I used to have this girlfriend in college and we had unprotected sex like some couples do after a few months. Well we broke up a few years ago, then a friend of ours had told me that my ex girlfriend used to have or still does have HPV. My friend also told me she had first got HPV about 8+ years ago and had some kind of procedure done that they freeze warts in the vagina or something? My ex never had any warts come back after that but I am guessing she still has the virus? I am worried that I could of got it from this girl but I have no visual signs? Is there a way to find out for sure? Anyone ever get this or have helpful info?

Go have a blood test at an STD clinic, they are fairly relaxed, you don’t need to prove your identity, so you can use a fake name, and if you do have anything they can prescribe medication for you, so your GP stays out of the loop.

But if you haven’t got any signs by now.. I would guess that you are clean

I had some blood work done about a year ago and it came out clean. I was told that HPV doesnt show up in bloodwork I think? Not for sure though? At that time I didnt know about this so I didnt bring up HPV to my doctor.

I think that is true. There is no HPV test for men. You only know you have it, if you have the kind with warts. That kind is actually a much milder form than the kind you can’t see. The kind that you cannot see is more likely to cause displasia and cervical cancer. So, just make sure that your girlfriend has regular PAPs.

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