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HPV Scare!

HPV Scare!

Hi everybody,

I’m going to get checked out tomorrow to be certain, but for the mean time, I’m really nervous that I might have HPV. I have looked for images of HPV in the early stages and have turned up zilch, even on google.

Since I have no official reference, I can’t be certain. However, any change is cause for alarm, so the odds are in favor of me having it.

Backstory: stupid fling with minx, delayed orgasm, she tugged it off so I could get off by raw dogging it, my instincts said yes when I should have said no.

After a month or two passed, a single, small, pink bump no bigger than 0.4mm faded in on the left. It is now about 0.5mm and is not growing. However, two similar occurences have now made themselves apparent on the right, one of equal size and one of lesser size. All of them are very slightly raised and do not seem to be increasing.

My only other possibility is that these are small Thrombae (Thrombuses?) within very small vessels. All of these little whatever-they-ares are more or less at the same length along my shaft and are biased laterally and toward the underside. I’m crossing my fingers, but I was hoping somebody would have some input on here.

The reason I think these could be Thrombae is because I have employed rather eyebrow-raising vacuum pressures in the recent past. A month and a week ago I was using a maximum of 20 hG in very small increments of time. During my vac training I saw an increase in the number and size of my natural coronal papules, so I naturally assume that the training could be a source of these other instances. I stopped training on April 6th and the other two on the right have appeared since then, however, in a last ditch long shot I assume these were invisible until my tissues became relaxed enough that they were brought into prominence.

Nice try, huh… anyway, I’ll get “official word” tomorrow. Fucking biting my nails.


Best of luck to you!

Heh…thanks, Rita.

Wait ..blink.. a woman? Here?


Hopefully its nothing but irritation from PE.

There are a few women here at Thunders, you should feel lucky to have Rita or Diamond post on one of your posts. They definitely are not hiding.

Let us know about your results, and I sincerely wish for the best for you. I can relate to your position, no lie. I think I am overdue for an annual myself. /dread

Good luck, Nem

"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

Yeah, it would suck to have HPV, but it would make you pretty well normal; it is VERY common. Many people have it and don’t know it. Like many STDs, it is usually a lot more serious for women that catch it than it is for men. But it is a bummer for anyone, of course. Good luck.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

… stands blinking, kinda dazed …

I suppose it doesn’t help any that the raw incident was 6 months ago. I suppose the fact that she was saving up to go to Vegas so she could do porno and had been with 50 people wasn’t a plus either.

Here’s the hard-learned lesson:
If you answer some personal ads and one of the girls is listed more than once on the same page, hang the fuck up. Better yet, use the internet so you can at least be fooled by a glamorous, fraudulant picture.

So, the situation is this:

I was aware of three, like I said. I buzzed last night to look for anything that could have been lurking and behold; lurkers ahoy. They are slightly more sensitive to the touch than the skin around them but don’t hurt unless gently pinched. Not very large either, and all more or less distributed in the areas where my flange would butt up against my skin.

The strange thing is I can dig the smallest ones out of my skin with my fingernail (I’m paradoxically neurotic in such ways) and they look like hard knots from old pimples. I was using Soy Oil for my lube, so maybe these are infections of the skin from that.

Can you tell I didn’t get checked out yet?
The reason for that is a lame excuse, but in my haste to uncover the lurkers, I failed to remember to attach the plastic trimmer teeth thingy to my shears. I decided to allow the couple nicks I made to heal before I get looked at. Just so they don’t think I have something I don’t. I know, just read “I’m intimidated.”

I’m calling it on my own judgment and I think I’ve got HPV. Still going in first thing tomorrow, but I think that’s the case. Since there are no images of early-stage and/or minor cases of HPV, it is my solemn mark of infamy to amend that lack of documentation. I’m still getting used to my new Canon A85, but I’ll figure out how to apply enough light to keep the flash from activating during macro mode.

So, this changes my perspective alot. Forget monkey-wrench, try monkey-Komatsu (that’s a brand of giant digging machine.)
It still isn’t confirmed of course, but we all know what Occam’s Razor says.

While I’m posting:

1) Is there a dating advice section here for the guys that are only doing PE because of their confidence issues? Maybe there should be some articles/etc like that if there aren’t any.

2) Does that Hotmatch place really work?

3) Has anyone heard of a so-called “Red Cap” or “Blue Cap” antiviral lube? It was mentioned in the documentary “XXX: Hard Trip.”

4) I’m curious now: what do Rita and Diamond, et al, talk about on here?

Ok, that’s it. Official word tomorrow, assuming I have same-day results. Thanks for the support.



Get your hiney to a doctor!

We talk about what ever we want to. Usually cheering on the fellas when they gain, consoling them when they breakup with a girlfriend or wife, or kick em in the nads when they need it.

Yes, it could be irritation from the oil you are using, it might not be. Only the doctor knows for sure.

And as a gentle suggestion, always, always know where its been before dipping into it.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Stupid Clinic isn’t open over the weekend…have to wait ‘til Monday.

The best thing about this is that the last relationship I was in was so bad that I haven’t been with anyone since that cluster bombing of bad judgment. So, it’s not like I’ve been reckless and put others at risk, although I’ve been so tempted to go after a few since then. I was waiting to see if anything happened, and lookit! Eventually something did. Aren’t I admirably altruistic?

I think what contributed most to me catching something from her was the fact that I saw this girl more than once, although once is more than enough.

Note to the girls: If you’re going to shave, either keep it baby smooth or let it fill back out. Chafe is not a happy physical sensation for us guys, and it played a significant role in transmitting uninvited guests. You’re all so gossipy that the majority of you know this already, but she obviously didn’t.

Monday, it’s battle royale: A tooth-gnashing test of willpower as powerful acidic solutions hurdle my flesh deep into the kingdom of pain. Mmm. Tasty horribleness.


Are you talking about little white headed pus filled spots at the base of your cock?

I went to the doctor about these, and she thought they were from an infection probably caused my shaving in the area (and in my opinion agrivated by jelqing and some hanging).

She gave me a prescription for some anti-biotics and some anti-biotic cream.



Originally Posted by Q__Hybrid

…..Note to the girls: If you’re going to shave, either keep it baby smooth or let it fill back out. Chafe is not a happy physical sensation for us guys, and it played a significant role in transmitting uninvited guests. You’re all so gossipy that the majority of you know this already, but she obviously didn’t……..


Note to guys—ditto.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

No, not zits or anything.

I’m talking about tiny little raised rough spots that are no bigger than an auto-pencil’s lead in terms of circumference. They feel like…well…uh…little rough spots. Shit, I don’t know if there’s anything that I could compare them to in terms of what their texture feels like.

The thing is, the number doesn’t stay the same. I started with only one, then I discovered two others quite a long time later. That raised my count to three, but once I became paranoid after finding those I began to notice others as time passed. They increase in number, in other words.

But hey, it’s not all bad, the virus strains that yield visible symptoms do not present high risks of cervical cancer. How’s that for a silver lining? My god, it’s so damn thin, but it shines so bright. j/k


If you want to see if you have any suspect areas, try this. Soak a gause pad in vinegar and wrap that around your penis for 10 minutes. When you take it off, look for areas that have distinctly whitened from the vinegar. If you see any, they might be warts.

The link below describes the proper treatment for HPV/warts, if you want it cured.

I looked warts up the other day and found tons of pictures. Trust me you don’t want to see what they look like.

You have to make sure the results on your google image search arent filtered. Go to “ADVANCED IMAGE SEARCH” and fix the settings.

Fugasi: already seen them. “Cauliflowers”…truly sinister stuff.

Alright, here’s the stitch:
- The upside is that I don't have HPV and that all of the little things I thought were warts are actually small deposits of pus created by using stupid Soy Oil as lube. That’s a good rule of thumb I guess. Don’t use cooking oils as lube, or any oil-based lube if you can help it.

- The downside is that I could possibly have Chlamydia or Gonnerhea, or just a urinary infection. It’s probably the last one, but I won’t know until the 8th of June. I also won’t know my HIV results until then, but I’m at relatively low risk, so I’m staying optimistic.

I won the first round, it isn’t HPV. I just hope my luck holds through the second round.


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