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Hey guys, I’ve been a long time lurker on these forums and have gotten some pretty useful info. Gains haven’t been anything to brag about, but my routines have always been on and off due to my busy schedule.

And, since I can’t post in the sexual health forum yet, and this is really starting to bother me, I gotta post this here.

This has started within the past 6 - 9 months.

When I jerk off, I seem to prematurely ejaculate, only it’s not quite semen.. I mean, it looks like semen, but it’s not thick like it’s supposed to be - it’s almost like water - but it’s still the same color and even smells like the real stuff. What makes it worse is that I don’t really feel it coming out, it just leaks out maybe 3 or 4 minutes into my jerk session. At first I thought it was because I wasn’t jerking as much as before, but that wasn’t it, because I’ve been going more often lately but it still happens.

I’m thinking it might have to do with my new caffeine habit. I also smoke hookah at least twice a week, and maybe 8 or 9 cigs a week, which I will easily drop, but I’m not sure I can drop my hookah.

I tried searching but couldn’t really find anything specific to my particular situation.

Any thoughts?

Has your total ejaculate volume decreased recently? Does your orgasm feel like a normal one or not?

The watery portion of semen comes from the prostate and is about a third of the total you’d normally ejaculate Color tends to be greyish-white and the consistency is very thin. The thicker, gooey portion (about 70 percent) comes from the seminal vessicles.

My guess is that at that point in your jerk off session you are having some prostate contractions without the vessicles being involved. The prostate is releasing its portion but the vessicles aren’t quite ready yet?

Coffee (unless you are a real addict) probably wouldn’t affect ejaculation much and I doubt very much the hookah would, either, ecept it might change your basic ejaculation timing - delay or prolong it.

You could try this just as an experiment: The next time you masturbate do some “edging” for awhile. Not real serious edging where you get real close the point of no return or have any prostatic contractions, but just sort of teasing edging until your whole groin area feels sensitized and stimulated. That might get the seminal vessicles involved. Then go ahead and blow the load and see what erupts. If you don’t get some goo mixed in, it’s not your masturbation technique, but something else.



Thanks for the reply!

When it happens though, I don’t even feel like ejaculating yet. I’m maybe halfway to “the edge”, if you will, when I’m at the point where this stuff comes out. But your description of the fluid is right on.

When this fluid comes out, I usually stop because I get bothered. Then I wipe clean and can probably jerk off for up to another 10 minutes without this happening again. Then I ejaculate normally, with the normal consistency of regular semen.

Could this be a sign of a prostate problem? I hope not, I’m only 22

No. Not a prostate problem. You are somehow racing along, getting your prostate stimulated before the vessicles get stimutated. When you later ejaculate normally, you get the vessicle cream, too. So just think about how you might pace yourself differently when you jerk off, I’m thinking.



Nah, no pain or anything else, just that fluid.

A couple days ago I went 3 rounds in one day to see if it would happen after the first round of that 24 hr. Period. The 2nd round it didn’t happen, the third round it did. If it is built up or excess fluid, how is my body making so damn much of it? Just an inquiry.

The next time I get a chance I will try to pace myself a little slower. I have a feeling this might affect the outcome, but the thing is, this used to never happen before.

Could it be pre-cum? (just venturing an un-educated guess?)

Originally Posted by MrClyde

Could it be pre-cum? (just venturing an un-educated guess?)

That’s what I originally thought, but then he said it was the same colour as his actual cum. My pre-cum has always been clear in my limited experience of the little I produce, though I don’t know about other people’s. I have actually recently started getting more pre-cum being produced, probably because I’m with a new gf who turns me on a lot more! But its still clear, so I’d go with avocet’s opinion on this.

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Yea, definitely not pre-cum, because it’s not the same color and is most definitely not the same consistency either. My precum is clear and jelly-like, the stuff in question is cloudy and watery.

.. Still waiting for some free time to visit the porn fairy.

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