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Erection control problem

Erection control problem

I am just starting to seriously do PE exersizes and I think I might have a problem (well maybe a better term would be an issue). Here goes, my penis seems to have 2 states, fully erect and flaccid. From what I’ve gleaned in my PE research is that you shouldn’t be fully erect when doing reqular simple jelqs or simple stretchs (so far all I’m doing). Is this problem to be expected? Will I become callous to the PEing and be able to better control my level of erection? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Your body will eventually learn to differentiate between sexual and non-sexual touching when you have done PE for some time. When you get an erection while jelqing, wait until you become flaccid again before you start jelqing again. Your body will learn in due course, and then you won’t have this issue.

Some beginners find it useful to simply jerk off, wait a couple of minutes and then start jelqing at the desired erection level. Crude but efficient.

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