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problem with horse 440

problem with horse 440

hey guys,

i have a problem doing horse440. first when i started doing them i had some problems with moving my griphand up the head. i think i solved them….
but now i realized that my rim gets some kind of swollen when i do the horses. it is like the tissue in the rim gets pressed together because of my grip hand moving towards the shaft and becomes swollen… and it hurts!

now i just form an ok-grip and press it down (so a horse440 without moving)… is this good enough or is it just a mini-horse 440?

has anybody had the same problem? has anybody an idea?

thanks for replies….


Yeah, I do the same thing. I don’t see how anyone could do a reverse jelq on the head. So I just squeeze the head. I find I get plenty of pressure.

hi there,

i do the same thing, i squeeze the head while squeeze the base, i can´t do a reverse jelq at the head, if you want to know!!,i don´t see a big difference if i just squeeze at the base of the penis i feel almost the same preasure.maybe i´ve been doing wrong.

see you.

I am having trouble even picturing what to do:

This is what I think I have to do, please tell me if I am wrong because I really dont want to end up hurting myself!

-OK!! You get an erection ( i will start of at about 75%), after a decent jelqing session you clamp at the base with the jelq hand forcing and trapping blood into the head - then you do a reverse jelq from the head back down towards the stationary hand (forcing the blood you moved to the head, back down towards the shaft), then you stop just behind the head ( circumcision scar) and hold / squeeze for 10 seconds?????

Or alternatively, if its impossible to ‘reverse jelq’ then you just squeeze the engorged head.

Am I correct?

hi there

Jelqist you are correct, instead doing a reverse jelqing, i squezze the head , then the shaft of the penis fills with blood. But i still feeling the same preasure on the shaft and i dont see my penis more swollen than the usual after doing my routine.

any coments please.

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