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Erection problem

Erection problem

I dont know if my problem would be classed ad ED anyway i will explain.

I can get erect but it will not stay on its own without stimulation so i guess this is not normal. Ive had this for many years and im now 27. But if im in a relaxed state for example half asleep in bed the erection will stay longer could this suggest maybe psychological problem? Say i was masturbating and stopped for 1 minute then it goes down, maybe its because im not concentrating anyway i doubt now if this will ever improve.

We’re all different, ecosse. It’s hard to say from what you wrote whether that is OK or not OK. Almost any erection will flag when stimulation stops. Usually mental stimulation will keep it up longer, if you have that going on as well.

Perfectly normal for morning wood to last a long time while you remain in bed. Get up, move around, and it goes.



If you can go through a normal intercourse, you should be fine.

Originally Posted by ecosse
Say i was masturbating and stopped for 1 minute then it goes down…

Mine does too, but I never considered it an issue.

Thanks all for your replies. I will try pc exercises again.

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