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Are Multiple orgasms good for your body

Are Multiple orgasms good for your body


I can (and probably a lot of you) achieve multiple orgasms (I went up to ten sometimes, but 4,5 is walk in park ) in short time with ejaculation control. I only do this when I masturbate.
But I have a question. Is too much of a good thing bad?
I am 33 years old, have regular sex and all, so I don’t do this every day, but when I masturbate (lets say 2,3 times a week) I do this with controling ejaculation and have more orgasms one after another.
Can having so much orgasms put a strain on you, on your nervous system or something like this? Do you age quicker,
Loose stamina, can have some other problems ( I don’t know, I am just making this up, as I don’t know if there were any researches done) that can affect you in long run?

Hope to hear your opinions and facts.Thanks for replies

This topic has been discussed before, not on the effects, but on HOW TO DO IT!

I don’t know the effects, but the Taoists use something like this to improve health and increase longevity. It would be worth your time to look into some of the Taoist Sex practices for that information. Mantec Chia comes to mind as a starting point.

What I would LOVE for you to comment on is how you learned to do it and some of your insights on how to do it.


Well when I was a kid I started masturbating very early. I found orgasm by coincidence (haha I know , sound stupid) at around 7 years old. Of course this wasn’t me jerking my penis with hand but me rubbing myself on bed :) .. When you are that young you don’t have ejaculation of course as your testicles don’t produce sperm yet, maybe because of this I was then able to have orgams after orgasm. :)

Well fast forward to when I was 26 years old, and by then I already lost this “gift” . But then I came across e-book, I don’t remember the title as I forgot it, but it was maybe Multiorgasmic Man or something like this. In it it was described how orgams and ejaculation are 2 different processes and you can seperate them. Well so I started training. Anyone with developed kegels will be able to do this. With masturbation I came very close to orgasm and then procedded carefully and slowly, squeezing the kegels. When you finally reach the orgasm you squeeze the kegel as much as you can and hold it, trying to prevent ejaculation. As you get good at it you reach orgasm, don’t ejaculate and are ready and still horny for some more. The hardest squeeze is on first and second orgams probably, then it is easier with each one..

I hope I helped ..
And yes, I saw some topics on it, but didnt saw if there are any body or brain effects discussed. As saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad.Maybe for body, hair, brain.Don’t know.Then maybe it is good.. Wish I would know, would do it once a day:) )


I'm a disciple of science.

Some women have multiple orgasms and it doesn’t do them any harm!

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Originally Posted by scienceguy106

+1 :)

RedJr - Anyone practice semen retention?

I have far from perfected this, sometimes I get lucky. I have an ‘accident’ more than I succeed. And luckily, I have not been punished for having accidents. :) :)

Originally Posted by firegoat
Some women have multiple orgasms and it doesn’t do them any harm!

Well maybe women are wired differently. They don’t have to push muscles and put lots of mental energy in trying to hold semen :) .

Originally Posted by scienceguy106

Thanks, but would change my 6,5 incher for your 7,8 and give you this “gift” :) ).. I still believe all can achieve multiple orgasms and it takes much less work than getting 1,3 inch in PE :)

Yes relieves stress

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