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Multiple orgasms from PE'ing?

Multiple orgasms from PE'ing?

I had a weird situation last night that has never really happened. First off, I hadn’t gotten off for a few days so I was able to get hard much quicker. Anyways, I was doing some jelqs and stretching, and I kept getting hard so I would have to back off.

Well, I got to the point where I was doing some bends, and for me, sometimes doing a bend makes me much harder and closer to an orgasm.

Well, this happened last night and as I was in a bend, I could feel the typical feeling of wanting to cum. So I released my bend and just sat there as my dick went through its procedure of getting real hard, expanding the head, and wanting to ejaculate, but I held it off. But what is weird is when I held it off, I could still feel some cum coming up the shaft. Sure enough, a littel bit of cum came out, but I was still hard and very sensitive. I was able to do this a couple times where I could touch my shaft and get that feeling again, but hold off, but still a little cum would come out, just not a full blow orgasm. I guess this isn’t the effect YOu want in terms of multiple orgasm because the point is to be able to have one, and continue having sex or whatever and lasting. But still, it was quite interesting to say the least.

Has anyone else experienced something similar to this with PE’ing?

(sorry, the newbie forum seems to be the only place I can post my topics).

Happens. Not like a real orgasm, but certainly feels good. You could probably toy with that technique and drag it out to more episodes but eventually you’ll have oozed the equivalent of a normal ejaculation and fall into your refractory period, I’m guessing.



That has been happening to me a lot lately since I have been practicing finishing off my routine with a 15 minute erection massage. I don’t lose any hardness when it happens, so once I get past the danger zone I can just keep going and have had multiple drops emerge. The thing is, if I don’t have a full blown orgasm, then I feel a bit filled up with cum.

similar to blue balls? that is the feeling I get, where my nuts are pretty sensitive and feel enflamed or engorged. At least the nut area, maybe not my nuts themselves.

Never had this while pe-ing, but i’ve been trying to get multiple orgasms and it works pretty well… It isn’t that hard after all, well, “hard”…

I have never had an orgasm while pe.

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