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Which vitamins and minerals to optimize PE?

Which vitamins and minerals to optimize PE?


can anyone please tell me which are the most important minerals and vitamines for an optimum enlargement?

I do my exercises and would like to support my body.

I heard zinc is good.

Things like L-Arginine or HGH isnt available here in Germany.

Things that optimize PE are the following:

Multi vitamin that you can easily afford.
Lots of Protein (and lots of water or you will curse my name while crapping all day)
Enough sleep at night.
A healthy, low cholesterol diet.

Get all that in line, then experiment with one herb or concoction at a time because everyone reacts differently to them. But you really don’t need them unless you have erection problems to begin with.

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Hi SandmannPV

I believe ‘’ sells L-arginine in Germany

HGH? is that Human Growth Hormone? that is some nasty shit, pro bodybuilders take that, it is not healty

Hey Belga nice to meet you,

Straight into it with your first post after 4 months of silence ;) Maybe stimulation is the best method.

gingko bibola rocks beyond belief. you want morning woods that you cant get rid of, thats gotta be for repair.

water is the main thing though.


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