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Are there pills to support NPE ? (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids...)

Are there pills to support NPE ? (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids...)

I’m taking 20mg Zinc and 300mg Vitamin C a day.
I try to drink a lot of water too.

Is the amino acid L-Arginine good to anything?
What else would be good?

BTW I’m not talking about the notorious penis wonder pills sold for $$$

Use the search button pal, theres plenty of supplements to use that will save you much dough. Arginine works pretty good but now theres a super arginine pill named Nox2 that appears to be working very well with my fellow members. Also, theres herbs like yohimbe, maca, tribulus, cerinitin, and on and on and on! My best advice; Search the forums. Theres tons(literally) of info on this.


Nox2 might very well be the next PE supp breakthrough.


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Originally Posted by Big Girtha

the next PE supp breakthrough.

There has been a PE supplement breakthrough? :)

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Originally Posted by base
There has been a PE supplement breakthrough? :)


Maybe the Arginine?

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