Stimulating hGH production

Taken from the ‘Monster Load’ thread, I thought I’d open up a thread devoted just to the topic of hGH (human growth hormone) and discuss the merits of increased production of hGH, especially for the older guys (30+), although it’s reported to be effective for people in their 20’s also.

Anyhow, here are a few very interesting sites that I’ve found or heard of recently:

Anyone interested in understanding this should take a look at the two latter sites for some explanation. The first site has alot of stuff that is great, too.

Anyhow, I am pretty excited about this but as usual I will continue to research and research for awhile to learn more from various sources. I rarely take anything into my body without feeling very good about my knowledge of it all, where I gained that knowledge from and it’s accuracy, and I hope you all do the same.