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Essential supplements, minerals & vitamins for men

Essential supplements, minerals & vitamins for men

I was about to buy some multivitamins today, and after looking at the list of minerals and vitamins on the pack that each pilled contained, I wondered how many of these ingredients actually are beneficial for us.

So in your opinion, what supplements, vitamins or minerals do you feel are worthwhile for overal physical wellbeing?

The only one I can think of that is beneficial to men is zinc, and im hoping with your help to add to this list.

Regular multivitamin is good to your overall health. Zinc is good for your manly functions, but remember, that you are more, than a standing cock, that produces sperm and testosterone. So it is good to have other minerals and vitamins too. Take regular multivitamin pill and add some vitamins or minerals if you like.

I take multivitamin pill + c-vitamin 500- 100 mg + 15- 30 mg zinc + b-complex pill and 800 mg calcium + 350 mg magnesium now and then. Most of those are already in the multivitamin pill, but in smaller quantities.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Add fish oil to the list too, very good for your health.

If you can afford it (I recommend only doing this if you use a GNC gold card, and even with that it’s rather expensive), GNC makes a very good multivitamin with sexual health in mind. (I take some additional supplements as well, but this makes a great baseline).


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