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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Originally Posted by Bryce979
Or you could just eat healthy and do kegels. Every supplement is found in food.

I don’t think you’re going to find Pygeum in your average meal bud.

Originally Posted by Inseminator
I don’t think you’re going to find Pygeum in your average meal bud.

What exactly do you need it for? And if you can’t find it in food I doubt you need it.

Open your veins, have enough protein in your blood to heal injuries at a quicker pace and get rest. Just my personal opinion.

Originally Posted by BPTony
Arginine I take 5g morning and 5g night, citruline, taurine and ornithine 2g twice daily. I also take 3g L glutamine twice daily, D aspartic acid 3g every morning (20 days on 10 days off) nettle leaf 1000mg daily (Natural aromatase inhibitor) Also take fenugreek, pygeum, tribulus, Epimedium, tryptophan, glyco-life, stress defense, calseamin, magnamin, aloe flora and drink it all down with kefir. Have never felt better.

I find that since taking this regimen I’m a more tolerant guy and don’t just fly off the handle at silly things. My wife and kids like me a lot more and my wife gives me more sex too which is great.

Just wanna make sure I read that right. So he takes 10G of arginine a day? Jesus!
Maybe I outta up my 1g a day dose. If it really produces that much more

So what kind of Zinc are people using? Zing sulfate? I saw that a study mentioned that it works well when combined with folic acid. Does the other zinc also work well with folic acid?

So I started the stack as suggested by OP and did this for about one week and noticed a very small change in volume and my load was much more sticky and semi watery. I was using the soy lecithin and pygeum with saw palmetto but did research and a lot of people recommended the sunflower lecithin granule and plain pygeum 500mg capsules. So I changed to 1 tablespoon of the sunflower lecithin and plain pygeum 500mg capsules and after a few days noticed a significant change in the volume of my load and thickness. After being on the this modified stack for 10 days now I just blew the biggest load ever! And I am now shooting 3-4 large ropes then 1-2 smaller dribbles. The distance of my shots have also increased so much that I actually accidentally shot myself in the face followed by my neck and all down my torso.

I am super pleased with the results and definitely think that the lecithin granules and pygeum 500mg made a huge difference. I am currently taking the stack as follows:
L-Arginine 1000 mg - 1 tab in the evenings
Zinc 50 mg - 1 tab in the evenings
Pygeum 500mg - 1 tab in the AM and PM
Sunflower Lecithin Granules - 1 tablespoon in the AM in my yogurt. (This is about 5 grams or 5000mg of lecithin)

I have also noticed that with daily ejaculation my loads are pretty consistent and much larger than previous which before starting this stack I would have very little volume and would dribble out my load after having sex for 3-4 days in a row. And now if I wait a few days I blow a load at least 2-3 times larger than before. My partner has even commented on how big my loads are compared to the past.

Originally Posted by AirViper
So what kind of Zinc are people using? Zing sulfate? I saw that a study mentioned that it works well when combined with folic acid. Does the other zinc also work well with folic acid?

Ah yes the zincs. We need to brainstorm more on these I think! Anyways , in my research I found that gluconate is the least absorbed by the body, but the people in this forum swear that it’s the best one so I don’t know! I’d like to know what people’s results have been with gluconate.

I’m taking orotate myself. I had the gluconate but after researching I figured I’d go with orotate because I read that it’s the most absorbed by the body then chelate or picolate comes next I think.

Also there’s another variable, which is how much of the zinc exactly is ‘elemental’. So 50 mg of the gluconate can say it’s 50mg zinc but doesn’t show how much of that is actual zinc hence ‘elemental’. There’s More to it but I’m at work at the moment so I can’t give too much feedback. Also I am taking two 100mg folic acid tablets at the same time with the zinc.

But now that you mention it.. I wonder that even though with orotate being said to be the best absorbed by the body, is it the best mixed with folic acid? Maybe sulfate makes a much bigger explosion with the folic acid instead? Good question man. I hope we can find out!


Just started

Hi all , I’ve just started taking part of the holy grail my self 2 x 1200mg of soy lecithin and 50mg of zinc all from local herbal shop . I don’t want to take the other stuff because of the herpes virus I suffer with cold sores . Is all this ok

No better

Well 4 days into it I thought I’d try it out , had a go with the wife shot my load expecting something different but no the same amount as usual and dribbled , pathetic really . Is it because only the fourth day , not the orotate zinc the soy lecithin and not the sunflower one , not taking folic acid or am I one of the unlucky ones it doesn’t work for

I started 2 days ago with the zink and lecithin let’s See how it works

Originally Posted by styx85

I started 2 days ago with the zinc and lecithin let’s See how it works

Hope all goes well . It’s not worked for me yet

Is this thread pretty much finished now

Food for thought

while on this subject of herbs vitamins and other supplements.

How would you know what herb and supplement does that and how they interact with each other in your body?

herbs are very much like individual so you can’t really recommend one specific group of herbs and supps to another individual?

kind of genetic print that makes you different to another individual.

How do you know how the herbs interact in your system with your hormones and can clash or produce irreparable or long term damage in your body and sexual functions and beyond (behavioral cognitive and or cancers that manifest later in life) How do you know that ?

case in point zinc How would you know you need that daily dose when zinc? is readily available in foods and better absorbed.

Them there is pure marketing by pharmaceutical companies and backyard operators choosing ebay or gyms and kind like that to sell online.

can you differentiate between a granules and micronised powder like arginine again there is a vast difference in products of the same name and same usage because unlike the pharmaceutical industry is tightly regulated and body building industry is not that much.

Placebo effect is not well understood but you really feel the effect of the supps for a while because the mind id powerful and can deceive you from thinking otherwise.

Believe me placebo is used as both surgical and non surgical cures in many countries with people with chronic ailments and they are cured forever.

So before you reach for the hard earned money think again how this impact on your body and your pocket.and Why are you doing this to yourself.

My two cents

Estrogen Soy Link?

Originally Posted by coolbill
I just picked up some Lecithin and immediately saw the word ‘soy’ which raised this flag. Any comments?

Great thread. You must have been reading my mind.

The guy you quoted made a statement that was false at face value “soy (estrogen).” Soy is not estrogen. There is a compound in soy isoflavones and all other legumes that promotes estrogen production in a very small percentage of the population that has a specific allergic reaction. What you’re talking about was one of the worst examples of bad reporting on pseudo scientific analysis. Media reporting was anecdotally based on a single case where a guy had a strong reaction to the compound. Pretty much all beans and legumes contain isoflavones, coumestan, and lignans, all of which are phytoestrogens, in varying amounts. So those same people who are in fear of their lives when it comes to soy are eating other beans like garbonzos and lima beans with no negative effect whatsoever. Moreover, if that were the case pretty much all Chinese men would grow breasts because of the high soy content. We all know that’s not true.

Moreover, Lecithin does not equal soy. Soy Lecithin is Lecithin isolated from Soy, therefore Soy Lecithin in itself should not contain any isoflavones if it is pure Lecithin.

With that said, I have no idea about the semen increasing effect of Lecithin. I have read from multiple sources that L-Arginine and L-Lysine both promote increased semen volume.

Originally Posted by Heidi25
A little update for you guys. I had hubby take pygeum, lecithin, arginine, and a banana a day for 7 days. I had it planned so Father’s Day would be the 7th day and I told hubby we were going to celebrate Father-to-be day! Soo after returning home that evening I gave hubby the messiest bj I could without getting nauseous. After several minutes I would pull him from my mouth and there were big strings of pre-cum and it was very sweet tasting. When he couldn’t hold back anymore I let him give me a facial. One spurt shot onto my forehead and the rest covered my mouth and chin. It seemed like a good amount. Also, I was wondering does big testicles shoot more than small ones? Hubby has really big balls and I wonder if that gives him more.

Heidi25, I want you to know I joined thunder all because of you. I’ve been reading/researching a lot about producing more cum and ways to shoot out farther and stumbled on this thread. The more I read about your testimonials the more it made my quest that much more encouraging. Please keep them coming. Congrats on everything. You got a lucky husband. I too and married and want to be the all everything for my wife. Thanks!


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