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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Hey guys how to take Pygeum? 1 pill of 100mg 2 times per day or 2x100mg pills 1 time per day? Also what are the the max dosages of AAKG? Because at the moment I take only 1 gram before my gym session.

Thanks Rusty. We ended up waiting only 2 days and it seemed to be a small amount which was perfect for me! Now maybe I will let him slowly increase from time to time just for the fun of it.

Improving testicles blood flow

My contribution to this thread is that a daily massage to the testicles is very important for the nutrients and supplements to get into them, because massages improve blood flow a lot.

Hey there! This is my first post, and since I’ll have to search the site a bit more to make a thread about actual enlargement, I would just like to give you my two cents on it.

To me, it doesn’t make much sense judging the benefits of any given supplementation by unusual circumstances, meaning being abstinent for a while, taking new supplementation, and then judging by the amount of cum. I used to do plenty of Kegel exercising, and when I was a few years younger, would masturbate for two hours straight, and the resulting cumshot was much bigger than the average daily shot because of the arousal.

What I found: in the past weeks, I switched to a low carb diet, basically the only carbs I eat are potatoes. No flour except buckwheat, no sugar but honey, but plenty of everything else. And I noticed more libido, noticeably harder erections that are more frequent, and also increased amounts of cum.
I take 30mg of Zinc and Evening Primrose Oil, but for a long time now. The improved sexuality came with the new diet.

Be very careful about these supplements:
Saw palmetto, phytosterols, pygeum , ..
These things are DHT inhibitor , if ur DHT level abnormal high or got prostate cancer , then fine take these drugs to suppress the illness
If you are normal healthy adult, stay away from them,
These thing will cause low libido, water semen, loss spontaneous errection, loss morning wood and in serious case errectile dysfunction
Your body need DHT to function properly maintain ur sexual health, suppressing DHT do more bad than good
Testosterone is needed but DHT is even more important, dht is five time more potent male sexual hormone than testosterone
High level of testosterone but low DHT level you get low libido loss spontaneous errection

Zinc is also DHT inhibitor, but why supplement with zinc help sexual health?
Answer: if a human is zinc deficient and is then given supplemental zinc, DHT will actually increase. However once zinc levels pass a certain point, any further increase will cause DHT decrease . So zinc help in case you are zinc deficient, and in time if you not cycle it, the effect will lost

Yeah, I dropped Pygeum after a while and some new research. I stopped waking up with morning good and skipped it. Now I am just using Zinc, Sunflower Lecithin and Celery Seed pills

As we are moving nicely along with our pregnancy I want to start letting

Hubby take his supplements that he took when we were trying to conceive

But this time so he can have a good amount of sperm build up for the occasional bj. Question is though if I am able to swallow without getting nauseous will the supplements be unhealthy to ingest with me being pregnant?

That’s really cool of you to be so giving like that Heidi! I don’t think the semen would have enough traces to be harmful to you. I take it your planning on swallowing? How far along are you now?

Thanks Rusty! I’m almost 4 months now. Hubby likes me to swallow but I think I’ll have to see how much it actually is when we start doing these little experiments!

Heidi, you seem like a terrific wife, your husband is very lucky to have you.

Thanks Seneca! He’s a good guy so I try to keep him happy! Would you guys want me to post any updates when I do these things for him or should I not. I don’t want to overstay my welcome or impose on you guys.

Yes, Heidi, please continue to post updates. It’s always great to have a woman’s point of view on these matters. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who feels this way.

I second what Seneca says Heidi. It’s great to hear a woman’s point of view and would love to hear of your experiments!

How long did it take you people to start noticing the effect?I’ve been going for 2 days

Originally Posted by Dillywilly
How long did it take you people to start noticing the effect?I’ve been going for 2 days

In my experience, things like lecithin work pretty fast (like in a day). I also see pretty fast reactions to amino acids like l-lysine, arginine, carnitine, ..
Water is also instant - just drink 2,5L today and tomorrow you will have a huge load already.
Other things like zinc,pygeum,.. Usually take a few weeks to build up. (And also make less of a difference IMO)


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