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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

No I do not, it was just BRIEFLY mentioned, However they did it routinely so lets assume it was for good reason (it at least slightly worked) Maybe we could look into and see if doctors use this for people with micro penises? Lets not forget DHT is the main hormone that causes the penis to grow in the first place when we are in puberty.

If your using any form of testosterone[other then your own] for P.E. Or any other reason then after finishing course you should take Clomid for 3 to 5 weeks to help you balls start to produce their own test again, and possibly tamoxifen or proviron to help combat estrogen during this phase of low testosterone.
I do theorize that high test levels and a good P.E. Routine will result in better results then without test.

People talk about magic pills and creams, who obviously are cautious of rip off scams, but bodybuilding does have magic pills and oils that make people much stronger and bigger, anabolic steroids! They bodybuilding world also has it’s fakes like the penis creams that can make you cock as large as you like in 6 weeks, bodybuilding mags and shops are full of ‘natural’ supplements approved by the FDA and lots of pseudo science put together all to rip you off. [Speeking as a guy who has used alot of supplements non of which realy worked, or did what they make out]

Testosterone increases you heal rate, strengthens ligaments and tendons and temporarily[whilst on cycle] increases blood flow to penis. So if you combine these effects, with a good P.E. Routine and good diet I cannot see why it wouldn’t boost your gains.

As for what ever cream the guy was trying to sell, I really don’t think it matters how you get you test from weather it be pills, cream or injections. As long as you use it wisely.

For a non athlete/bodybuilder bout 250mg of test a week would be ok. That would be a vial of sustanon or my fav with less painful after affects a vial of testosterone ethanate/testoviron.
Cycle for 8-12 weeks, then use the Post Cycle Therapy I explained at the beginning of my post.

Happy jelqing

Originally Posted by lightbringer
For a non athlete/bodybuilder bout 250mg of test a week would be ok.

Uh, that would be bad. Maybe a 200mg dose injected once every two weeks would be o.k., but 250 mg of test enanthate a week would seriously fuck up somebody that is a non-athlete/body builder. Be careful what you recommend. Jeez.

Has anyone tried applying Doctor’s Testosterone Gel directly to the penis?

Transdermal application is not localized but systematic so it really doesn’t matter if you apply it directly. Only injections will work for site specific increases in drug delivery. But even then it will be carried by some system throughout the body. Hence why you can inject steroids in one bodypart yet they produce increases systematically.


This was very good thread. I read this whole thread and learn very much.
I start my AAS gear again and hoping to see gains.
750mg - 1000mg test week

Jelq 30min 2on and 1 off
Off days I do good long strech session.
Well see what happens.
My goal is to get 0,5inch erection length by end of this year.

Winners make things happen, Losers make excuses.

2 tubes of Andractim

Hello to all those that are left reading.

I have 2 tubes of Andractim that I got for a good price (I believe), and continuing to read up before I being my 1st 3 week set.

I’m a man of action and few words so if it work FOR ME, I will share that. If it doesn’t.. I’ll cry no tears as it’s a experiment at the end of the day, but I will bitch.. I’m English, this is what we do.

I will be pumping and using traction while rubbing up.


Anyone got any updates?

Update Please

Hellooooooo GUY IN UK, where are you?

I read into testings of such creams and the only positive responses were subjects who suffered from micro penis conditions. Men with average to larger sizes had no response.

Come on, when will everyone learn that the only thing that can make your dick bigger is plain and simple PE?

Goal: None, PE for life

Hi do you know where I find a testosterone cream without medical prescription in france especially around paris,is it dangerous? What is the good rate, I am 38YO, if I use it alone what I need to do exactly.

Who is selling T cream?

And who is the pro-scammers of the web?

HALODROL seems to be with tongkat ali is it a 60 caps box but always the same shit hard to find a real shop who sell it I mean not a virtual page.

I take it everyone has tried the 4ad method applied directly to the dick, with out masturbating, with or without continued PE. If so, I also have to assume no one has had any progress based on the fact that I have not found any progress (or non-progress) reports posted (I might have skipped past it since I skipped from the first five pages to the last ten pages).

My basic question is:
Has anyone got any progress to report on jones’s method, anyone reliable and veteran to this forum? Because I am not about to read through nearly sixty pages to find out, I have work and school and simply don’t have that kind of free time.
And, from whatever has been gathered thus far, would anyone be able to say that it is dangerous to try this method? Personally I would love to try to apply it to my dick and PE at the same time and see where I get in six months, but I don’t want my dick to fall off as a result, nor do I want to spend loads of money on something that has been proven ineffective.

It would just be nice to get some finalized facts and opinions on the method and either deem this theory a plausible answer that no one needs to debate a thousand times, or just close the subject. In my opinion it is either harmless to try and is worth the experimentation by everyone, or it’s not.

Also, I read that 4ad was band. Is that true?

Does anyone know where I can get a good 4ad gel or spray, because I don’t know how to mix my own trans-dermal formula. If not, can anyone coach me step by step on how to mix my own, and where to get the products necessary?

Sorry for digging up an old post, but any updates?

Also is andractim NHS. From my understanding I should be able to ask my doctor to perscribe it for treatment of gyno.

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Short term goal: BPEL:7.5 EG:5.5

Long term goal:NBPEL:8.5 EG:6.0


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