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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

What about the CC relaxation effects of Tribulus terrestris extract when applied topically to the penis? Or if testosterone boosting foods and herbs (materia medica) are orally administered are used in combination with a specialized oil infusion. One in which the penis us allowed to soak in for at least an hour (via plastic bag or condom)?

I understand it’s not the same as using laboratory created testosterone creams or shots…Or even permanent, but wouldn’t it help with gains?

Here is the link to as a reference for my comment/question and claims for those who may jump to the conclusion that I’m pulling this info out if my ass:

Starting size: 6.25" BPEL (5.5" NBPEL); 6.5" BPFSL; 5.0" MEG (3/2014)

Goal: 6.5" NBPEL (7.25" BPEL); 5.5" MEG

Current size: 6.50" BPEL (5.75" NBPEL); 7.5" BPFSL; 5.25" MEG (11/25/2015)

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Hi do you know why I can’t get the 1fast400 website to come up at all?

Does this type of product really make anyone to get inches without PE?

Please if you kindly can reply to me I really appreciate . I don’t have much privacy for PE.


Thank you.


Don’t fall for those who sell you inches in exchange of money as opposed effort , patience and maybe even a bit of intelligence. You’ll notice the OP is an ex member.


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