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Firm flaccid penis

Originally Posted by westell1
I talked to a doctor by email and he is one of the most intelligent surgeons there are. He tells me

Firm flaccid penis indicates a fibrosis there. It is not frequently
Happened in your case since it is over one year. I believe that a
Veno-occlusve dysfunction is your case however.

Interesting did he tell you what the solution would be?

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I just spent a couple hours reading the from the thread/threads I posted.

Overall, I have no clue. All of our symptoms are the same, the causes seem to vary, and very few get healed.

The only people that I have read about that got any better took supplements, and literally waited while keeping masturbation to a minimum.

Or, in one case, by stretching. The stretching I have been doing for a few days, with some mild improvements, but everything always goes back to normal.

My gut is beginning to tell me that there is a huge physcilogical factor to all of this. All of us think about our problem many times a day. Every day when I wake up, I see if I have morning wood. Every time I got to the bathroom, I check on my flaccid state. Sometimes I go to the bathroom at work just to see how it’s doing. I often reach down my pants when alone to check on it as well. I take vitimans and herbs every day thinking an improvement will come. Sometimes I take a random medical drug hoping I will discover the cure. I let hot water run over my groin and sit in the shower every day hoping the heat will help it heal. I workout and run hoping something will happen. I recently started doing sretches in this area hoping to see improvements.

The point is, this dominates my mind daily. That must cause a HUGE placeabo effect, and affect multiple things in my body which can only make the condition re-occuring and everlasting.

I don’t know, it’s just so difficult to sort through all of the possible causes, and the possible cures. I should be having the time of my life as an 18yr old, haven’t even had a girl friend. Everyone wonder’s whats wrong with me. I’m too afraid to even try to have sex, because my flaccid state is rediculous, and my erections are weak as hell.

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“Firm flaccid penis indicates a fibrosis there. It is not frequently
Happened in your case since it is over one year.”

This would seem to imply that a fibrosis happens but is resolved in a year. So that might explain why some guys get better with time. Non irritation might be smart to help that.

Well how about you guys see a doctor and try caverject? It’s worth a shot.

No go. My doctors tried subtly telling me it’s psychological. Even claimed “there are no test to establish my problem”. WTF? Narrow-minded is the word.

Hi, well I go the same problem, I think from v-stretches .because you stretch the tunica and then you push it down .anyway .check how v-stretches ar! They ar giving more pressure on the tunica then most of the stretches. I have it from like a 2 weeks I think .at first I was in paint a bit and took some painkillers and it has gone away in 2 days ,because I can’t stay put ,I started to jelq after 2 days just jelq 200 ,not to much intensity and after 2 days of PE I had the flaccid firm .yeah! So I have notice that a hot hot bath it’s good ,I also took some Nimesil that is for inflammation because I think the ligs ar inflamed .an aspirin before I go to bed and also I got Animal Flex from Universal! It’s a gym supplement ,makes stronger ligs and wrists .but I’m sure you just want to make you’re ligs stronger!

I don’t know if I was so bad like you guys but definitely first days I didn’t felt any of spongiosum thing there .just .like I bigger lig! Now it seems it’s going better, and I hope I’ll be ok because I’m fucking addicted to the vac pump .every time when a girl comes at my place to see a movie!! I have to get an 6-6.5 girth! That’s why I started PE .so I can throw it away!

Anyway ,good luck guys! In my opinion take vitamin’s,do a hot bath(not showers) and something any inflammation! I hope I could help .you .and me also!

Thanks for joining! Proceed very carefully, you don’t want to end up where we are. :)

I’m curious what Thunder has to say about this? Should we rest until the firm is gone .or stretch a bit! Go to a doctor .? Well? Hehe


The standard answer to damage is to rest it until the situation has improved, plus a few days to let things settle.

Then start again very lightly and gradually work up. Keep an eye on things and make sure the problem doesn’t happen again.

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I found I have a lump on my lower back, and it could be affecting the sacral nerves ( which control erections )

I’m having it checked out tomorrow, and removed after an MRI scan. Do you think this is whats causing the hard flaccid and loss of erection instantly when there is no physical constant stimulation ?

I really want this to be the problem, so I can finally find the solution, get it fixed and live my life and be happy like every other 18 year old :(

I’d do anything to have the erections I used to a few years back..
Cutting down on masturbation helps, I also took some cheap cialis and that helped too. I could keep the erection quite easily and felt confident I could have sex with a girl.

I just pray that this lower back lump, most likely a cyst, is pushing a nerve or something and when it gets removed it will be fine.. But I have nothing but low expectations after trying and failing so many times

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OK venom, well done for taking action. Keep us update, by all means.

The more I read, the more everything sounds the same over and over.

The only thing that I can find light in is one method of healing.

I suggest to everyone to consistently take:

Ginkgo Biloba
Fish Oil
Anti-inflammitory medication

And heat your unit with constant direct, and sustained heat for up to an hour each day.

It is probably best to take an anti-inflammatory before you heat up, before you masturbate, or do anything that may aggravate your penis. Be careful not to over-due it. Many of these medicines can cause bleeding, which combined with Ginkgo and L-arginine may not be too good.

Also, I plan to masturbate twice a week at most. Any more and I have terrible firm flaccid, any less and me EQ gets even worse.

Healing time: 4-6 months

-This is the only thing that has healed people with our condition I feel. Time is the biggest factor, but not keeping the irritation to a minimum, or promoting healing puts us in the place we are in.

One more thing, as hard as it is to say, try not to think about it. It seems as if psychological factors also play a big role in the severity of some, if not all cases.

Unless I find something else in my reading or research, I am going to not visit this site as often to take this shit off of my mind. has many threads on firm flaccid as well which is worth reading.

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Originally Posted by BMashina
And heat your unit with constant direct, and sustained heat for up to an hour each day.

Someone said they had success by heating/cooling theirs with ice and hot water.

Discuss ?

I also need someon to confirm weak erections / lack of maintaing an erection is linked to the hard flaccid before I try and heal it ?

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Venom, of course it is linked. Almost everyone with a hard flaccid has weakened erectile capability. Only few guys don’t, but that may be a different sort of hard flaccid.

BMashina, good post. I will add that ejaculation is most certainly a nono, while moderate regular erections might actually be good.

I want to know how many induced erections a day are necessary not to lose my natural size. Then it might be wise choosing this number and sticking to it for months and months.


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