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Firm flaccid penis

Originally Posted by venomx
Dude, fuck putting a needle in your dick LOL
This shit is pretty depressing, but come on, a needle.

A few people have found herbal/natual methods which have worked for them, and they were consistent in the healing process, many of us however are inconsistent and put the heat on a few days, other days miss out, take ginkgo some days, some weeks forget, etc etc.

If we had a structed repair routine, we would be seeing huge success rates :)

So what I ask is that those who have healed it, once again, please post your routine which fixed your dick from being hard flaccid, and from having poor erections DUE to this.

I had firmed flaccid even before my PE session.
Everytime I ended up masturbation it appears and last for 1-2 days
when I first started PE I was putting too hard, I made it even worse.
The key to heal is massaging everyday,
keep relax and learn to have the habit of reverse kegel in everytime even when walking.
(before this I had the habit to retract PC muscle when walking)
And I did real light force jelq of only like 60 strokes 1 on 1 off.
No masturbation, I know its real bad and I stopped for long ago.
after a month, after a walk in the street when I took my pants off to piss I find sometimes is soft.
(maybe reverse kegel is the key as well, and you need to be positive to against your anxiety)

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Originally Posted by kenqi1
You know, I’ve been doing research into other areas and I’m starting to think this is VERY similar to Peyroine’s Disease minus the bent curve. We are all complaining of a hard flaccid which is all characteristic of increased fibrosis in the penis (in my opinion) and decreased blood flow to the penis.
When I have an erection I still feel like the penis is extremely hard! Like stone. And also we all complain about a slight decrease in length and girth, which are all symptoms similar to Peyroine’s disease.

The symptoms are exaggerated when we are standing up but the symptoms are still there when we are sitting. I feel like the same treatment people use for Peyroine’s could be the same treatment we use to improve our symptoms here. Has anyone tried pumping to treat this? I feel like the main point here is to really increase the amount of erections you get, and over time let the blood flow get rid of the collagen. Like I said before, I am using Cialis to give me night wood and it has shown a slight improvement.

Kenqi, it has been suggested before that this may be some sort of internal Peyronies. However personally I find that unlikely because I don’t see many with “real” Peyronies symptoms.

Also bear in mind many different conditions and symptoms probably gather themselves under the name “firm flaccid”. I have yet to see a case truly identical to mine. Maybe we are dealing with several different injuries or maybe the firm flaccid is just a very common symptom to any injury.

I see no need for pumping. What’s wrong with normal erections? IMHO the goal with erections should be finding the optimal amount, not total abstinence nor as much as possible. I’m still trying to find my gold spot and it seems its somewhere between one and two erections a day. Without ejaculation ofcourse. With a little observation you will see just how many erections make your dick feel tired and beat up, and how many just envigourate it. And it may not always be the same amount.

I didn’t know where to post but this seems the most fitting thread. It’s possible that I’ve missed a similar topic so If somebody could refer me to it, I would appreciate that greatly.

I’ve been reading “thunders” and doing PE for quite a while. The problem that I have appeared early in my journey and persisted until now, however recently it became a “dead-end” factor. I only hang, and I would think I hang gently, but no matter how many factors I play with, no matter how careful and persistent I am I still get a swollen dick after 2-3(20 minute each) sessions of hanging. This swelling makes the following sessions(I try to manage at least 5-6 sessions to reach 2 hours a day) very problematic, sometimes impossible. The veins become inflated and dick itself gradually becomes sort of soft and spongy. It also prolongs my PE time to a ridiculous 7-8 hours, because I have to wait an hour or more between sessions for the dick to “deflate” to become “hangable”. Out of those 7 hours I only manage to hang for 1.5-2 if I am lucky.What a waste of time, and inefficiency!( It also effects my next day of hanging, often forces me to take breaks(which is not good since ligaments get stronger), because swelling persists to the next day making my dick look more massive(which is good) but at the same time making it impossible to “deflate” it to an acceptable state for hanging, no matter how long and how creatively I try to draw blood out of it.
I think one explanation could be that I never gave my penis enough time to heal and therefore one stress on my veins is followed after another without a full recovery. However I don’t see how it is possible to completely avoid swelling, because even after long breaks it returns as soon as I start hanging. I don’t like to miss days and to be unproductive, PE became sort of a absolutely-need-to-do things on my day-list( I hope you understand me guys). To summarize: I feel very ineffective and discouraged since my ligaments don’t get an appropriate stretch because my penis’s circulatory systems gives up first.

So my question to you is : Am I only one who is limited in the amount of hanging because of the circulatory system issues in the penis and If somebody had the same problem, how one overcame it? Thank you for reading, for I know everyone’s time is valuable.

Well Owen, the idea that I had was that if this is similar to Peyroine’s, in the sense that it is caused by some type of fibrosis in the penis (which would explain the symptoms imo), then erections would help remove the plaque. At least, that’s the theory of pumping for treating peyroine’s. I personally think there is no such thing as too many erections (unless they’re priapisms), what’s wrong with getting some blood going?

My symptoms by the way are

- Hard flaccid while standing. Can’t be stretched, and when getting erections there is a tightness in blood filling up the penis.
- Decrease in morning wood, rigidity of erections, frequency of erections.
- A little loss of girth and length, nothing significant, most is probably due to loss of EQ.
- Sometimes tight testicles, but there are times when they’re nice and lose so I don’t consider this a symptom too much.
- Keratinization, loss of sensation, and reduced blood flow to the glans.

Think that’s it for now.

That is post of user long2Blong on betterman

“I’m back, and almost fully healed :D . Thought I should do my bit by letting you all know a remedie for my particular situation.
Weaker erections, weak ejaculation, urinary dribbling, loss of sensation in head/glans.

Course of Treatment
2xArginine and Orthinine per day.
1-3xPURE Fish oil (no added omegas etc.)
1-2x 15mg Zinc
1x Vit E (d alpha)

Complete cease of PE for around 6months. Morning and evening baths (EXPENSIVE I know). Massage gently affected areas every bath. Increase physical excersize - resistance training and cardiovascular, yoga would also help tremendously. Reduce ejaculations to 2 or 3 per week.

I hope this helps! :D I got a few of my ideas for this from a (taboo at betterman) website, so I’l not mention the name, the actual site I’m 99% sure is a complete facade but there are a few decent ideas.

This is what works for me, I hope it will for you.”

I’m not sure how his injury might be close to ours and personally think that it would be hard to cure it using supplements(of course might be wrong) rather some kind of special surgical treatment which our medical world, unfortunately, not yet invented.
I contacted with guys who have firm flaccid and they fuck with using viagra/cialis/levitra but complain on EQ still though.
Same personally next to all the erection enhancers like ginkgo, fish oils,PDE inhibitors I use bathmate(that`s only way of enlargement which left for me, stretching and jelqs are almost impossible for my unit now)
I read a lot about various treatment on that condition(unfortunatelly without much succes) and would be glad to hear some good way to cure it.

Well I went to the doctor today! I told him about exercises .he asked me how did I stretch it, he explained that if I stretch it some blood particles can broke and form Piraeus disses .or how did you call it!

Anyway he scan my penis so he can watch on the screen if I have something like that and he said I have minimum risk of that! The flaccid firm will go away something like 3 months and if not I should go so he can make some injections in my penis and then will be good. So the cause of this was to much tension or something like that .I told him my erection is not 100% like was before .sometimes 80% .and he say-ed that I will be back I should not worry!

My point is guys that some of you ar much worse then me ,so don’t stay not even for one day more and make a doctor appointment and let him take a look and do what you need to do! It’s about you’re all life!

Michael I spoke with 2 urologist and realize that folks on PE boards with many years experience are right.

Uros,they are usually old pricks with very small amount of knowledge regard erection matters(rather urinary track and so on)

Ask Venom how long his condition remains without any change and I know how long mine is.

I read even story - one guy 12 years with this shit.

The most important in my opinion is to accept as it is now and look for solve and try different approaches with patience.Actually in my situation I can fuck quite good(might be much better of course )with viagra and tongkat ali and still I’m looking for some solve.

Today I found this post - and I consider suplements of dr Lin from the site (yes I know that almost all considers him a a quack me too most of the time) but I have contacted with too many people who cured themself using his products.

What do you think guys regard treatment approach ?

Thank you for posting that Walgart.

Another story of being healed, that is the same as many others.

Supplements were taken. Heat and massage were applied. Shared symptoms. And a 6 month timeframe.

Also, once again, no mention of what actually was fixed. We still do not know if size was re-gained, or if the glans and CS will inflate.

Also, are there any American’s here that know where to get Viagra or Cialis from the internet without a perscription?

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I can advice you all to go through post of guy named Tbirdy on, he is veteran and as they call him clas act on that matter.He has gone through it.

After some PE accident when he broke his unit he even had surgery to treat it(but as far as I know it didn`t give much cause internal structure of the veins after cut returned to bad (blood outflow rather than inflow state)

He had some kind of success after 3 months viagra 50mg night treatment( said that his glans with 50 mg V before sex inflate properly)

He said as well that was doing maintance workout using pump and are now happy with 8x6 unit.

I consider now dr Lin approach and would like to here more people who had some kind of success with this guy products(still here too many bad strories about him bad as well there apear good one sometimes)

Did you try any injections? :)

No, one urologist especially advice me against it on my own of course but I read about guys who ordered some shots and improve EQ with it.Still it is very risky,high possibility of fibrosis,priapism and other shit.

I really fucking miss to those time with great PE workouts and nocturnal/morning steel.

Now it`s time to be happy and satisfied with what remains after this good time o PEand try slowly improve it.

Im really curious whether is there some person which healed this condition and returned to PE.

Well the injection is not for you’re erection! It’s for you’re firm penis to lose it up .so the ligs and what’s in there won’t be inflamed anymore! I don’t know how they call it ,I forgot to ask ,he just told me if these won’t go away in 3 months I should go again and do that so that ligs and stuff can retract naturally!

Thanks, I understand and after it would work it will be finally for my erection and happiness.

Michael please describe me a litle how your unit changed after injury.

Do you have visible veins on it`s surface even you hadn`t them before ? Do you feel like some kind of string tendon there ? Is sound like your your MD has some kind of magic cure in this injection and if it would work I might make a trip to Romania but Im not sure how our injury can be compared.

Okay here is what Dr.Lin said to me, it actually makes sense and my natural doctor agreed with it 100%, and I mean my natural doc even said very similar things before Dr.Lin even sent me this email.

“You have hardened your erectile tissues with collagen scars after you chronically, mechanically stimulated your penile tissues to release excessive endogenous collagen protein.
Generally, the penile tissues contain only about 20-30% collagen tissues and 70-80% erectile tissues. The erectile-collagen tissue ratio is about 2 - 4. This means the erecting penis should be about 2-4 times of the flaccid penis in length. You can breakdown the erectile tissues into collagen scar tissues by constantly or frequently mechanical stretching. This will make your flaccid penis look bigger, but your erection will point downward to 4-6 o’clock positions. At some extremities, the flaccid penis is almost the same as erecting penile size when the erectile-collagen tissue ratio is close to 1 .
You penile enlargement practice and stimulation with water jet and vibrators have increased the collagen-erectile tissues ratio. As a result, your penis won’t expand too much during erection and you won’t get much blood flow in the flaccid state either. This makes your penis like a piece of sausage hanging under your crotch.
1. Yes, You will need ViaPal-hGH-J(3-015) and ArgiNOx (1-018), plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal) to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.”

So there we have it guys. Basically we need to promote as much blood flow as possible, create more erections that are rock hard, and take omega fish oils. Makes sense why my unit is hard for sure.


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