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Diagnosed with Peyronie's Not Sure, Need Opinions


Diagnosed with Peyronie's Not Sure, Need Opinions

Cliff note summary of my injury:
Bought a bathmate
Used it very briefly (4 days)
Stopped from mild soreness
Soreness starts to improve
Improved erections (hardness and size)
Edged and masturbated for long periods of time over the next 2 weeks
Penis got extremely sore, even slightly painful
Lost ability to get an erection (penis fills with blood, but does not get rigid)
Gradually has been improving (only soreness/pain wise)
A month later, still no erection after the original loss of erection and soreness/pain

2 days ago, I went to the urologist. After telling him my recent problems and him examining me, he diagnosed me with Peyronie’s disease. He gave me 2 sheets of paper with basic info about Peyronie’s disease, also told me to take 400 I.u.’s of vit e daily and his secretary scheduled my next appointment in 4 months time. He asked me if I had any quick questions and I spent that time clarifying with him that he was actually diagnosing me with Peyronie’s, despite no scar tissue and no bending in my penis.

I’m curious as to this forum member’s opinions of what I should do from here, and how the urologist handled my situation.

Is there any other injury that this sounds like it could possibly be?

Fyi, I’m attaching a rough drawing showing the main injured area of my penis. The red represents soreness/pain not any physical problem on my penis.

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Did you tell the urologist what you just told us?

The lack of erections could well be psychological (pain -> oh shit what wrong with me -> no erections). Lack of erections could be caused by trauma and if you gave the urologist this impression, that with the ED may have directed him more towards Peyronie’s. It’s hard to see what in your description would have caused trauma if you used the pump safely but from the location I guess you are in the bellows area of the bathmate, does that seem right?

You could ask for confirmation of the diagnosis via ultrasound.

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Most of it.

For the first two weeks or so maybe the ED could be blamed on being in my mind only, but right now (1 month later), I don’t believe my mind is preventing me from getting an erection.

Obviously my problem could be Peyronie’s, and I understand why he thinks that it’s a possibility, I don’t understand how he could be so certain without stronger evidence. I would figure a ultrasound would be almost mandatory (at least in my case) before making a diagnosis.

Imo, at best I feel the pumping may have triggered something minor, or at least started off as being so. The edging/masturbation either being the push over the edge or the total cause, I’m not sure.

I’m definitely going to request an ultrasound.

Most of it might not have been enough, especially if you left out some detail. Your description here sounds like what a lot of other people are doing. You haven’t gone into a lot of detail. We don’t know whether you seriously overpumped for 4 days, we don’t know what you consider to be edging and masturbation or what you consider to be a long time.

The mind is pretty powerful, it is a requirement to get an erection. What we can say is this: if you have ever woken up with an erection or got an erection for a brief period, the cause isn’t physical.

So you either have a congenitally weak penis, where minor things that thousands of other guys have done have have affected you much more or your description doesn’t really tell the whole story. The latter might not be your fault, we are very unreliable narrators of our own history and the exact point at which an injury occurs can be fleeting, seem irrelevant and be discarded in the narrative.

A month is enough time for a minor injury to heal, as you say, unless you have been preventing it from healing and this would be another tick in the Peyronie’s box for your urologist.

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Upload a photo of your penis. Peyronie’ disease isn’t hard to diagnose, it’s just a severe bending of the penis, the feeling of a anelastic area and discomfort with penetration.

I’m not Urologist but this doesn’t sound like Peyronie.
My friend had this and he could get erection but it hurt immediately. He had no sex life.
As far as I remeber steroids helped him.

A photo would help a lot in this case.

Memento, I’m afraid if I wrote too much info it would scare people from reading and responding, I could go on forever explaining things. I’ll give a little bit more though.

I was brand new to pumping and kept the sessions around 3 minutes or less total tube time for each day. I kept my erection level low to nil, with the exception of the first day where I quickly pumped to around a 60-70% erection and immediately released the pressure.

The edging/masturbation I can only explain as 3 or more hours a day average most days of a 2 week period. I wouldn’t say that I stoke hard, only that continuing to force erections for that length of time would be hard on the penis, I assume.

I really didn’t even get a chance to explain myself further to the urologist. I didn’t purposely hide any info, there was no time to expound. I met him (urologist) and roughly 10 minutes later he made his diagnosis with lack of evidence, imo.

I will definitely take into stronger consideration how much my mind is affecting my penis and perception of events.

Marinera, I don’t feel there is any need for a photo at this time. There is no bending in my penis whatsoever. My penis (to the naked eye) looks the same as before the injury.

I have none of those symptoms you mentioned to make a clear case for diagnosing Peyronie’s. The urologist said he could not feel any scar tissue, and he physically checked my penis firmly enough to be able to. He said that it’s possible to feel no scar tissue in Peyronie’s, and Peyronie’s can be preventing me from obtaining an erection, as well. Combined with the complaint of the soreness/pain occurring right after a period of overuse, is how he justified his diagnosis.

Akiko, did his penis hurt without an erection as well? Because the soreness I have has been present while flaccid. No difference from when I get these limp blood filled “erections”. In fact I may feel it less with an “erection”.

Steroids? Like cortisone injections? I’m sorry, I’m ignorant on this.

go to:

And ask there again.

there also enough guys from canda and US to lead you to a good doc.

Most docs have no clue about peyronies and espacially not much to handle it.

You want to take something anti inflammatory for now to avoid aggrevating any injury. Topical and maybe internal.
Check for natural anti inflamamtory remedies.

obviously stop any PE and try to keep the blood flow up to the area.

I don’t think the diagnosis is correct.

Dickerschwanz, thanks for the info and the website link. Finding good doctors are like trying to find a needle in a haystack for me. I’ve had much disappointment. I really need to find a good doctor and get the proper tests done.

I put away the bathmate after the 4 days I originally mentioned, no PE since then, I’ve hardly though about masturbation after the main trauma 2 or so weeks later.

Can it be safe to increase blood flow to the area? How so? I’ve tried hot/cold applications and it makes the soreness worse. It improves the most when I leave it alone (soreness wise).

BPTony, I still can’t understand it either.

What seems obvious is you have sustained an internal injury, the extent of the injury needs to be evaluated. Increasing blood flow to the area should be a good thing, however, if it feels better to leave it alone than leave it alone. It seems to me you should have been aware of the injury upon completion of your session; if there are external markings on your penis then you can be relatively certain this is causing interruptions in your erectile circuitry. It may take a few weeks to normalize and regain health; maybe more. It is probably nothing permanent or something that time will not heal; perhaps lotion and light massage might be beneficial at some time.

Troll. Please take any posts by this member as potentially misleading and harmful.

Yeah just listen to your body man.

You should speak with another urologist then. One who can’t diagnose Peyronie’ properly shouldn’t even deserve to be called doctor.

Marinera, I definitely will. Couldn’t agree more.

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