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Diagnosed with Peyronie's Not Sure, Need Opinions


Hey guys< I can’t claim to have the same injury as anyone but maybe what I have learnt in the months after could help someone.

Maybe you pulled/strained your groin on one side higher up causing a muscle which is nomrally fine when flaccid but gets a strain when erect to become a little shorter. My recomendation would be to see a bowen therapist(find a level headed one I guess like anything there would be shit ones). Mine has helped speed the recovery process of an injured suspensory ligament on the right side(plus the bowen therapist could physically feel the strain/tear in my groin whereas a urologist could not, since my injury my sleepy time hard ons had diminshed and the strength of them would be all over the place one night feels normal another soft weak nocturnal erection< last week after my 2nd bowen session I had a nap and felt like my injury was pretty much gone(woke up with a raging hard on), it isn’t gone but for this sleeping/healing phase it felt good and that has instilled a world of confidence in me that this groin tear isn’t going to beat me

Also if you feel the injury is located on one side rather than just my dick hurts I would reccomend resting/sleeping with that knee and foot elevated under a folded over pillow 1 under both the foot and knee(so the blood pools near the injury), I know this helps my injury because doing this causes involuntary spasms like a kegel for me(feels good)

Your body wants to heal the best way possible, with some injuries it can’t plain and simple but it will do its best to heal still, if this means decreased sensation then so be it your body is doing its best. Exercise, fascial release, solid diet, low stress. Good fluid levels, etc nothing heals instantaneously in this world. (This inury has strengthened me in some ways)

If you are in the right position to promote the best healing possible, then you will heal the best way possible.

I hurt my suspensory ligament so bad and popped a hemmoroid all in one swift squat with a semi, but it is healing I can feel it, if you sit around feeling sorry for yourself with my type of injury it is the worst and the fascia just get harder and harder when they should have the consistency of jelly

I read somewhere about a guy who hurt his cock and he said the only thing which helped him heal was elevation. Also if you hurt the suspensory ligament it’s better to have it pointing towards the sky than the standard cock in pants position I assume most dudes have. I can feel If I am sitting in a bad position then the healing stops plain and simple. I am a very visceral person though.

Best wishes

I'm more concerned about EQ than gains.

Hi there, I’ve had peyronies and it started out with the symptoms you describe. I didn’t give it enough rest and I also though blood flow would be good so I continued masterbating. For me this made matters worse and even after stopping completely with jelqing/pumping the scar tissue grew while the healthy tissue was breaking down. Now my erections are a lot smaller.. The best advice I can give you is to take cialis and pentoxifiline. Also rest your penis enough to let it heal but make sure you get nighttime erections. If you feel like the tissue isn’t inflamed anymore you could try VERY light pumping again. According to other peyronie’s sufferers this can help stretch the scar tissue to make your erections straight and firm again. For me it didn’t work out that way and even light pumping made my penis more inflammed. It’s up to you what choice you make, but at least now you know that you CAN hurt your penis if you overdo it and you know the importance of rest. Did you still make any gains by the way? I never did except for maybe a little bit of extra girth wich went away over the months because peyronie’s made it shrink.


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