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Need advice on Peyronie's problem

Need advice on Peyronie's problem

Hello guys,

This is my first post, and I need your advice. I apologize for the length, but I’ve got a problem that I feel only those in the PE community can address with any real world experience.

First, I developed Peyronie’s Disease back in 2001 - a sexual accident produced the classic symptoms (a few weeks later). A nodule, followed by painful erections at night, then a bend. After a month or so, the bend released, but the scarring that remained prevents the glans from filling fully, so I’m left with some “distal flaccidity.” It’s not a big problem, just kind of soft at the head.

The problem I need your advice on involves what is either another bout of Peyronie’s coming on, or possibly some other kind of injury to my penis. A couple months ago I was having sex with my girlfriend for the third time that day and I wasn’t fully hard. Somehow got into a bend, felt some pain in roughly the area of the old Peyronie’s scar, but backed off and everything seemed fine. Little things like this worry me, so a couple weeks later, I was inspecting my penis, when erect, and found an indention on the bottom side of the right corpora, right behind an area where I’ve always had a natural bulge in that part of my penis (I’m thicker in the middle). I think the indention may be new, but I could be wrong and am just now discovering it - it’s not a part of the penis I normally come in much contact with. At any rate, there was no pain associated with it, and no palpable hard spots (which are indicative of Peyronie’s scarring). In the 7-8 weeks since, the indentation hasn’t changed.

However, a couple weeks later, after a rather vigorous session of masturbation, I felt a tingle-like sensation shoot down the top side of my right corpora for just a second. It felt like nerve endings firing - not painful, but noticeable. Only happened once. After that, I noticed that the base of my penis on the right side felt strained, like it had been pulled too much or something. It was not painful, per se, but when I’d stretch it, it felt like nerve endings were stretched. One thing I should mention is that during that particular masturbation session, I had been pulling on my foreskin, which I noticed would get me harder - it pulled up the skin at the base of the penis a bit too and generally felt good. I don’t think I’d ever done that before, but I thought maybe that stretching pulled some ligs or nerves near the base, and that was what was causing the sensation I was feeling.

Unfortunately, though, five weeks later, my penis still has problems. The sensation that started in the right side base, now migrates around the penis, sometimes mid shaft, sometimes near the glans, and now, sometimes on the left side too. The whole penis never hurts, it’s a mobile sensation that varies between feeling like over stimulated nerves and a slight, dull ache. One thing I’ve also noticed is that I think I have a slightly thrombosed vein that runs right under the glans on the left side - it’s deep under the skin, but it sometimes raises a little ridge and I can feel my pulse when I press it. I often get a weird little nerve tweak in that area when I pull my foreskin back to urinate, etc. I figure the vein is putting pressure on a nerve ending.

Of course, all this is to say, I’m panicked that my Peyronie’s is coming back. I went to my Urologist and like me, he can’t feel any nodule or hard spots and isn’t sure it’s Peyronie’s at this point - but he didn’t offer any other ideas. There is no bend, no hard spot and no pain while becoming erect, which are classic signs of Peyronie’s, but the indention does make me think it at least could be Peyronie’s.

It’s more like little aches and pains that migrate over the penis and don’t seem to go away for five weeks now. My only hope in all this is that I may have somehow bruised the corpora on the right side in a way that’s not visible, or may have caused some thrombosed veins that are causing the little aches and pains. I have read that penile nerve injuries can take months to heal, so I’m hoping that’s what I’m dealing with, not Peyronie’s. As it is, if I’m masturbating or having sex, there are occasional little minor twinges of soreness on the right side, but not serious pain. The sensation when flaccid is what’s really driving me nuts, because it’s just not going away.

Again, sorry for SO long, but has anyone ever experienced symptoms like I’m describing? If so, I’d sure like to hear about it.


I haven’t experienced Peyronie’s but I have read a good deal about it.

From what you describe, it sounds to me like you don’t have it back. And it is possible that the indentation you notice has been there for some time and now that you are “re-sensitized” in your head about Peyronie’s because of recent events, you’ve been paying more attention to the area.

But having had it once, you need to be cautious when having sex. Stay inside the vagina; don’t pull out and then attempt to plunge joyously back in because if you miss and hit her pubic bone, you can strain a sector that is already weakened by old scar tissue. :) Avoid, at least for now, rigorous masturbation, too. Use a lot of lube; be kind to yourself.

It is difficult to get a “thrombosed” vein in the penis; they are rare. We overuse the term here at Thunder’s, maybe because it’s such an easy catch-all for other penile conditions.

I have exactly what you describe as being under your glans, but three raised areas in which I can also feel my pulse when I’m erect. They never hurt or become inflammed and I’ve been assured they’re normal. Yours probably are as well.

Nerve damage often takes a long time to heal, but it does usually heal. Injured nerves regrow, but at a snail’s pace and don’t end up in the exact conformations of the original bundles. After healing, there may be perfectly good sensation, just a little different from before the injury.



Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. About that vein I mentioned, it’s actually when I’m flaccid that I can feel it raised and can feel my pulse. It corresponds exactly to the location where I get a little nerve sensation when I pull the foreskin back or tweak the vein/ridge with my finger. I first noticed this after sex. I can’t say for sure the vein is truly “thrombosed” but it’s correlation to the nerve twinge I get there is making me think it’s at least inflamed or something. I don’t know if this is indicative of the larger problem with the migrating soreness or not, but it is curious and perplexing. It just mystifies me how my penis will feel weird/sore in one spot one day, then (sometimes during the course of the day) shift to a completely different place. I sure hope it’s nerves and not tissue damage. I guess only time will tell.


If it were thrombosed, you would feel heat there, and definite pain when you press on it.

Now and then during the day, if you have time, do a “warm wrap” with a rice sock or a moist wash cloth. Warmth helps encourage nerve healing. If that’s what the problem is.

I hear you. It must be weird to have these sensations occurring in different places on different days. But this is what “referred pain” is all about.



I kinda injured my penis a while back (7 months) by pulling the foreskin back too far, on the dorsum (top side) of my penis. Since then I’ve noticed a whole slew of symptoms, including curvature, a more prominent dorsal vein, and hard cords in my shaft, but I may just be noticing things which I never noticed before as a result of paying more attention to my penis since my injury. I think you, sonvolt, may have a touch of this penile hypochondria, which is not saying that there’s nothing wrong; you may just be exaggerating it.

But what struck me about what you guys are talking about is this mention of “ridges” where you can feel your pulse. I have some of these too, and they have been worrying me a little, if only because they are so noticeable. I find that when I’m close to fully erect, there is, most prominently, one of these ridges extending from the middle of my base to the right of my glans, which I can even see clearly sometimes. At first I had no idea what it was, but then I noticed that I could feel my pulse very clearly on it, so I assume it’s a vein or something. Also, there’s something similar, only less prominent, on the other side. I’ve also noticed that these ridges seem to lie just under the dorsal vein, almost side by side when I’m flaccid, and spread out to the sides when I become erect. Maybe this has something to do with the “delaminating” which occurs between the two corpora. If, as avocet8 says, this is considered normal, then I’m very happy. Good news.

Boy, I’d like to think I’m just paying too much attention, but in truth, the sensations (aches and pains) are real. They’re mild, but they’re real.

As to the vein issue, the ridge I’m dealing with runs right under the glans on the left side of the shaft. I don’t think it’s overly stressed, but I do think it’s putting pressure on a nerve in the glans, as that nerve feels tweaked for about the last two weeks - it’s an almost constant sensation coming out of that very specific spot on the glans. When I mess with that vein/ridge, it’s definitely connected to the nervy area. I’m laying off any activity, to see if it will go away. I think I may recall having this same spot act up over the years, just never for this long. May be proximity of this vein to a nerve getting overstressed now and then.

As for the other “sore” feeling that moves around, I just have no idea if not a Peyronie’s storm a brewing (fingers crossed).

We’ll see .. I’m in “watchful waiting” mode .. Or prolonged panic as I would put it.

So guys, I’m still having this problem with the vein on the left side. Right where it goes under the glans. It feels achy throughout the day, whether flaccid or erect. I don’t think it’s “thrombosed” per se, as it’s not hard, but it often makes an easily felt ridge under the skin (I can’t see the vein, but can feel it, and feel my pulse when I touch it). It’s causing a nerve stimulation on the side of the glans where it is.

Is it possible that this is an overstressed vein (It first started hurting right after sex), something short of thrombosed, but strained nonetheless? If so, what do you guys recommend to help? I’ve tried aspirin, Advil, mild heat .. Nothing seems to help.


I would suggest you go see a urologist. Hopefully you have insurance, but I would at least get his opinion. He knows what is below the skin so to speak. You may cause something that is temporary to end up permanent. I speak from experience and I am recovering from surgery as I write this. It’s worth the peace of mind to get a professional opinion.

Please elaborate - what kind of problem did you have that required surgery? Thankfully, my vein issue seems to have resolved, though the sensation issue on the right side is still with me. I’ve been to the uro, he doesn’t know what it is but doesn’t seem to think it’s serious.

I have one too, If you can feel the pulse it is an artery , veins do not have strong pulse I think.

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