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Systematic decon theories and opinions

Systematic decon theories and opinions

I want to come as close to finding out what people’s experiences with decon breaks indicates is a solid protocol regarding how often to take them.

Everyone is different and different things work for different people. We all know that. However, there are things in PE that tend to work better than others. I am hoping that enough people have opinions on what a good frequency of decon breaks is that maybe we could get an idea of what kind of approaches lie around the top of the bell curve is.

I’m aware of a couple people around here who swear that they grow best overall when they spend almost as much time in decon breaks as they do PEing. I suppose you could call this the approach of trying to PE in a manner where you basically always making the famous newbie gains.

Then there are the people who believe that the best growth in length at least from hanging, for example, doesn’t occur until you have become “conditioned” enough to be able to handle nearly 20lbs and then continue without decon break until you are not improving anymore practically no matter how much weight you use.

I’m figuring these are roughly the two ends of a spectrum of opinions on when to/how often to take decon breaks.

Maybe one of the two ends is right. Or all of them are the same. Who knows. I don’t feel like the data has been gathered enough for anyone to be able to tell.

I’d like this thread to do that. Please share your thoughts, opinions, experiences regarding the decisions of when to take decon breaks and let’s try to work toward a better understanding of this practice.

I am about to take two weeks off for the first time in a year


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