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Diagnosed with Peyronie's Not Sure, Need Opinions

I think that there are some cases of Peyronies where there is no big curve of the penis. I’m experiencing pain and indentations on the side of my penis on two spots. I seem to have a sore spot in the center near the septum in both of those spots. I’m concerned that it is an old bit of scar tissue that I created years ago and is now tightening up and giving me some sort of peyronies. I have not been diagnosed.

Thanks for posting that link to those peyronies forums.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

you 99% dont have peyronies… unless im missing something you didnt do anything super out of ordinary… in fact your penis maybe 100% and alot of this is physcological from reading stuff on the internet.. i myself have slight scarring deep inside my “steel cord” but have seen good improvements through training and conditioning myself more.. i recommend taking a break from the forums and relax if possible..keep working out and monitor your morning wood and random erections. if you have to even watch something that turns you on and play with your unit.

Dr. J - I’m not a urologist and don’t pretend to be one. Without examination., no one on this site can give you a definitive diagnosis or treatment advise; just reasoned speculation. I can say also that I’ve never seen anybody try in posts. It is never wrong to say you need to see a doctor.

That being said, no doc can make a snap diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease without a plaque from a 10 minute visit. Peyronie’s is just one of many things on the differential diagnosis for erectile problems; and not one that would be on the top of my list with your story and statement there is no bend or plaque.

Do you get nighttime erections? If you don’t know, use the postage stamp test. This is important info.

I agree with those who say you need a doctor (‘cuz the guy you have now sound like he got his degree from a Cracker Jacks box)…hopefully one who will listen and take the time to assess and better advise you.

Consider seeing a specialist in sexual medicine; they tend to be better tuned to all sorts of reasons for your situation. And not judgmental, as a rule.

Good luck,,,keep us informed…


Sorry, I meant to update this thread a lot earlier.

A few days after my last post in this thread, I woke up to my penis curved to the right, it was a pretty strong curve at that. This has never happened in my life til this point. I easily manipulated and massaged my penis straight again.

I was a bit freaked out about the morning event, which then motivated me to try to get an erection later that day, despite the pain I had. I successfully got an erection, and have been able to since that time.

This (curving) kept happening a few times a week. The pain was lessening overall, but sometimes it would come back.

Obviously at this point I’m suspecting the urologist was right about the Peyronie’s diagnosis. I very slowly started to do PE again, not so much for size but for keeping my penis straight, healthy and not losing size, from the Peyronie’s.

I bought a cheap extender, which I am very pleased with. Eventually started to use the Bathmate again, have been using it for a while now and am still at a low level in pressure, duration, and erection level. I’m about to order a high quality pump tailored to my girth size so I can go higher in pressure. A few times with the Bathmate, my penis deformed (some curving) a bit while inside the tube from too high an erection or pressure, which is why I decided to not go past about a 20-30% max erection level until I get a proper tube.

I requested a ultrasound before all of this curving happened, the Dr honored the request, and it came back negative for plaque. The follow up appointment was in August and due to the ultrasound reading, he reversed his original diagnosis for Peyronie’s, and told me that it was probably a prostate infection. The appointment went about 3-5 mins, and he didn’t give me the chance to update him about what had been happening with my symptoms, he walked out of the office after he finished talking.

This dr had already rubbed me the wrong way from the first appointment, I had then decided to go out of town when I have enough money to a top rated Urologist, so I didn’t bother to complain that he didn’t give me enough time. I’m still working on seeing a doctor out of province. I will ask my GP about another referral for in the city, although I don’t expect any serious help.

My penis has not curved lately, but I also notice indentations, and that is where I do get soreness now (from time to time), early on it was lower on my shaft.

Fyi, In retrospect I feel that I definitely over did the pumping, originally.

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Peyronie’s does not always mean a bend, it can mean indentation or even hourglassing. For instance if you had injuries on both sides of the penis in at the same length down the shaft, you’d get dents but no bending.

There are a few things you can still do to make sure you get the best possible end result Dr J.

First things, coq10 and acetyl carnitine, cheap and over the counter supplements. These two studies are why:…jir201020a.html and

Second, low dose daily cialis -

Third is traction - , but you already seem to be doing that so good work.

Pentoxifylline is the big gun treatment but not many will prescribe it. You know your doctor has actually read up on Peyronie’s if he brings up pentox.

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Thanks for your reply, Boner. I will check out the info in those links.

I was diagnosed with peyronies since my last reply to this thread about Dr. J’s condition.

I have mild hour-glassing in two spots. My injury was due to dry humping with a chick that turns me in tremendously. I’ll never dry hump in pants again.

The doc said it’s from recent injuries, so that ruled out PE as the culprit for me. It had been a year or more since I PE’d.

You have my sympathy Dr.J, and thank you Boner for the links.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

On peyronie’s society they also talk about a vacuum device, I don’t know if it’s a basic air pump, but it is definitely worth a look.

Hyperthermia with traction may help as well, why not dmso although be very careful with this stuff.

It is a very annoying disease and I think it is best to tackle it from every angle.

I’m no doctor though, I just did plenty of research since I thought I might have it at some point (docs said no).

Good recovery to both of you.

It can disappear on its own as well , if you let it be.

Re-Injury with Air Pump

Over the last months, I have been very inconsistent with the bathmate and stopped the extender a long time ago. I kept running into aggravations (soreness, etc.) even while starting slow and gradually building up in time and pressure/tension, both from the bathmate and the extender. The problems with the Bathmate was the large cylinder and how it encouraged the deformities with my penis, and I would also feel numbness some times.

I recently bought a vacutech elliptical cylinder, and used it for about 5 days in a row. I started to get some signs on the second day (tingling), of what felt like skin surface irritation near the base of the penis. I thought that it was probably due to me shaving and using the pump. I love the short lived benefits that I have felt with using the pumps (improved frequency and hardness, and the sensation of being in the pump), however by the day 5 session my EQ was suffering at the end of the session and a similar soreness as my original injury (which started this thread) was/is starting to reoccur. Fyi, the duration of my sessions were 30 secs long, except for the 5th day which was about 45sec, I used pressures no higher than 1in HG.

It’s about a month now and I still cannot get erections like I had before the new pump just arrived. I did some light massage and very light masturbation a few days ago, which left me sore, my penis felt stressed out. I’m going to try to not touch it much for the next while (until it heals).

This is very frustrating, I appreciate your opinions.

Well, if such a short time and really low hg caused this then you shouldnt do any PE at all and masturbate only lightly with enough lube.
You might search for underlying causes like inflammation due to eating habits or whatnot.
Also check for deficiencies etc.

I dont want to worry you further but this is not normal. How is your health and fitness level? Any other problems?

Dickerschwanz, thanks. The story of my health is convoluted. I have been, for a while now (years) doing the best “I can” in diet, exercise, etc. My physical body is in a weaker state, yes, however I have seen great improvements.

My body does seem very susceptible to injury in general.

I regularly go to doctors and get various tests done. They all come out great.

My body has been through a lot, health conditions, med side effects, withdraw side effects, etc.

I realize the unfairness of asking for help in the absence of so much information, but I figure someone on this forum might recognize the nature of my injury. I’m suspecting tendon right now, does this make sense to anyone?

FYI, on the Peyronie's

There has been no further progression to the suspected Peyronie’s in my penis, there is only a slight deformity upon close examination, plus no further (temporary) curving like I had in the past.

If you look on a anatomical diagram you might make out what tissue it is.
If its the same as in OP then it can be the ligs. But maybe also part of the pelvic floor muscles which can extend beyond the body.

It could be that your body tenses up when its challenged in that way. If your pelvic floor is tense then EQ problems can stay for as long as you are tense.
Total relaxation is the best for the pelvic floor when its not used. Unconciously it seems many people, I did, tensing their pelvic floor the whole day.

A test would be to stretch the dick very slowly and check how your pelivic floor reacts.

Dickerschwanz, I’ve looked at anatomy pics and I still cannot pinpoint because the soreness location changes, that is why I believe my injury is consistent with a tendon injury.

I’m confused at your speculating the pelvic floor, how are you speculating that this may pertain to my injury. Are you saying just my ability to get erect now, after the injury? Please explain further, if you can.

The pic in the OP was more accurate in that the pain was very strong in that pretty specific location throughout that injury time, although even then there was varying of location somewhat.

I do remember that my initial injury and this newer injury feeling very similar, except the former was of greater intensity and more restricted location (somewhat).

By varying location of soreness, I mean that one day I feel it more in my lower fat pad, then on the sides of my penis closer to the base of my shaft, then radiating down from the fat pad in the top part of my testicles. Even when I say that it’s near the base of my shaft, sometimes it feels like it’s deep inside, other times the soreness is closer to the skin.

My sympathies dr j. I’m glad we have a place like this for support. I hope everything turns out well for you. I have no useful advice other than get a good urologist. Go to a big city. Good luck my friend.

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