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The little bastard of a blood blister/burst vein (? ) took almost a month to heal!

I’ll calm down on the tons of heat coupled with flushed flaccid bundled stretches, I’m pretty sure that was the main culprit. Squeezes and jelqs seem to awaken the scar-like tissue I have near the base, the few times I could feel bigger and more frequent erections during the night it looked as if gone, a couple of times the schlong looked very huge but I could not replicate the results, this was from diet alone (and light exercise). I think 200-300 grams of minced meat (zinc, selenium, 15% gelatin) was responsible for this but who knows, the iron is too high though. It would be very interesting if I could reach this size on a regular basis without PE.

Hey I’d like to recommend two or three things that have helped my EQ enormously.

1. Firegoat rolls, religiously.

2. H20, more than you think you need (not enough to hurt yourself)!

3. Topical DMSO + iodine, a brief cycle for collagen softening and scar tissue dissolution. Has also 100% eliminated all discoloration from clamping.

OK thanks for the suggestions and chiming in.

I’m not convinced by the safety of iodine in dmso for thyroid health. Did you dissolve any scar-like tissue with the combination of both? I kind of remember dmso on its own helped me get rid of some discolouration.

Damn, the blood blister did heal but the possibly inflamed fordyce spot grew way bigger again after multiple wam ups in thermos and some jelqs. Maybe it’s just the continuous heat from water that is the issue after all.

It’s pretty obvious that heat and in particular the more effective moist heat makes all girth work a lot harder on the skin (think burst blood vessels and the likes), which can be a real pain in the arse. :)

Length measurements for future reference

Yesterday evening I had done a quick stretching sessions and later on edged on the toilet seat with porn, I then measured standing:

NBPEL 18.5 (really the max I could get)
BPEL 19.5

This is equal to my max length I ever measured.

This morning I did a stretching session and measured, placing the pelvis so as to get the shortest BPFSL I think I got 20 cm but will have to double check. I will measure often during the sessions to see if my stretches are actually efficient and if I eased into them enough. Similary for the evening girth session I may measure the expansion by finishing with a 5-10 mn pump set with water, holding the cylinder upside down the idea is to pour a controlled amount of water (e.g. until it reaches the 8 ” mark of the tube), and then at the end of the pump set (same low hg, same time) to measure how high the water mark reads (e.g. 9”). The higher the score the more volume of penis the more fruitful the session was.

I’m not that interested in gaining length but combining length and girth work may help me finally get some gains, doing less work may help too. The other option is to add wurst’s bundled stretches.

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I have been doing a rather quick routine of 10 mn in the shower (constant heat), I do bends and squeezes then get out and jelq for 5-10 mn (no heat). While it feels good I struggled to get hard after the session and did not look engorged. I’m starting to think that most erect/ half erect work is forbidden for me, as if the smooth muscles, veins and arteries could not withstand the exercises at all, some jelqing may be ok but I’m not even sure. I’m also considering the fact that heat could exacerbate all those issues. I’ll keep doing this a bit to give it a fair try but if it does not work I may focus on flaccid work: v-stretches and bundled stretches, along with some light pumping with hot water.

After a couple of days off I measured girth in the morning, the erection was not the biggest. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, without mattress or wood pushing into the pelvic floor, however the wood dug into the legs / butt somewhat. Max girth was not bigger, at least not in a clear noticeable way, but it looked like girth at the thinnest grew by a few (3-5) mm. The increase in girth at the thinnest part of the shaft which is close to the base could be from cs expansion, or not.


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