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So , previously seen on pegym…-wants-fat.html

After shameful events over there I resigned from the mod position and decided to have a fresh start over here.

Lately I’m trying to mix tunica stretches and jelqing or squeezing (Girthier at lower erection level).
My penis is not in the best of state, 0 morning wood, 0 random erections, I can’t clamp nor pump . I will try capernicus idea to change the base of my cylinder and avoid discomfort.

I have once again decided to ditch porn (only my 87th attempt). I had successfully done so for 80 days, but relapsed just when things started to get better, so now I don’t even know if porn was a culprit or not. I have to find out.

I’d like to gain 0.3-0.4 inches of girth, and if I can get a bit of length in the process that’s fine with me.

Sounds like you are going overboard somewhere, or maybe everywhere with your routine. Might be a good idea to stop PE for a week and see if better function returns. If it does, you have to make adjustments to your routine. The length of time should not be a factor, so it must be the amount of force.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Why can’t you pump or clump?

What you mean with squeezing?

When I say squeezes it can be various different stuff. Usually I edged, squeeze at the base , add some kegels, then maintain the squeeze for a while and add a second compressing hand at the end. Sometimes just do quicker ones, more like Uli’s.

I have a pain at the base when I pump or clamp. Both put a lot of pressure on the dorsal veins and nerves (my take is it’s a nerve pain). I have no problems whatsoever with jelqs and tunica stretches, this is why I decided to do them.

gprent I’ve already taken some time off, I’m giving this a try because if I stop it will mean I need to take months off. I want way overboard in the past, now not so much.

You can’t be wrong with jelqs actually.

That’s my thought. If I can modify my cylinder so as to be able to pump and give a try to advocet’s “pumping for ED”, then I should help myself get back on track rather than create damage.

If it doesn’t work, then taking a long break (not mentally ready for this) from both porn and PE should be the next step.

Hey Walter I heard you had a potential hympocele and I have one too for a month now well I took 2 weeks rest but it didt go away I asked my doctor he said its nothing it will go away on his own and I started again with light jelqing and streching. Is it bad? Well I saw that heat can reduce it very much but its there..yours disappeared or not and what you did about it?

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I’m still on break due to a lymph issue, once you resign yourself to it it’s not so bad, gives you time to think, read and learn as well as some perspective.

The alternative to modding your cylinder is to get a silicone seal, might be worth a try, I know for sure it was my cylinder base that caused my problem.

Anyway best of luck.

Found you popol! :D

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Originally Posted by capernicus1
The alternative to modding your cylinder is to get a silicone seal, might be worth a try, I know for sure it was my cylinder base that caused my problem.
Yeah Walter, I was thinking the same thing. Might be worth looking into.

Originally Posted by Walter5169
My penis is not in the best of state, 0 morning wood, 0 random erections
That’s not good. If I were you I would stop PE’ing for a while until that is sorted out. I know you don’t want to but:

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

Originally Posted by sparkyx
If you are currently doing PE and you haven’t had improved EQ or worse yet, you have had DECREASED EQ…take 2-3 weeks off…COMPLETELY OFF.

If you have been over training, you will find after about a week or so, your EQ will start to improve. It may continue to improve for several weeks, at which point it will slowly begin to decrease again. This is the point to begin training again.

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Faith, have a look here Thombosed Vein vs Clogged Lymph Vessels
Check your inguinal lymph nodes, massage lower belly and take your time as cap said.

Originally Posted by capernicus1

The alternative to modding your cylinder is to get a silicone seal, might be worth a try, I know for sure it was my cylinder base that caused my problem.
Anyway best of luck.

I have just finished modding the cylinder, I found a saw that was far from perfect but not so bad either. The result doesn’t look as cute and professional as yours, but it’s done.
If I still get problems, it will be caused by the spot whete the base digs in the fat pad. To fix this I would need to find something to have both the angle and to make it dig higher on the pubic bone.
Or abandon pumping altogether.

I’m not sure how the silicone seal would prevent the veins from being stuck in the cylinder?
It adds extra comfort but the pressure is on the same spots.

Yup purple, I was hiding but here I am..

Yeah but I’ve talen 80 days off and haven’t done anything crazy ever since. There could be other factors.
I think pretty soon I’ll accept I need a 6 months break. I’m just not ready yet, I want gains before summer beaches!!

Know what you mean about the angle but the silicone at least spreads the pressure.

My problem sounds identical to yours, pressure right where it digs into the fat pad.

I did try stretching a bit of silicone sleeve over the rim and it was more comfortable.

I thought either I can find some easy stuff to switch the pressure from just above the penis in the fat pad to higher in the fat pad (no problem then) , or I can ask Thickwall if they can mould something of the kind.
For example instead of being a cylinder the top half of the base circle could be stretched upwards , something like this ^ , the other half being the same half circle as previously. If that’s understandable?!
I also thought of a big elliptical cylinder rotated 90 degrees towards left or right.
I experience first discomfort , then a sharp stabbing pain from base to glans after some time, and it builds up if I keep going (wasn’t curious enough to see how far). This is typically nerve stuff.

On the other hand if I can pump safely I’m pretty sure it would be very beneficial.

As cap said, silicone will spread it and give a cushion while sealing even better. Thats the best bet. Soft silicone like ecoflex is the best.

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Walter I checked your link and no one know how to treat it for sure so I ask if yours went away alone? And why is bad to continue exercising ? I don’t see any effect on my penis I have decent erections etc


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