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I can’t pinpoint what is the reason behind it but EQ was very good the past two days:

- Rest from PE.
- Had not cummed in 5 days.
-Started taking zinc again.
- Ups and downs.
- Conscious muscles relaxation, this is good stuff done in bed, pelvic floor is always tensed unless I do this.
- Kegel session two days ago.
- Still taking lj , two or three caps, I think two is fine. Still taking pycnogenol as well. 3 g l-citrulline three days ago, it makes asthma worse though so I’m not going to use it again, I’d like to reduce supps anyway.
- Started working out again but did nothing the past two days.

Anyways, after two days off I’ll resume the penis massacre tonight.
I did feel a bit thicker and fuller (shorter?) but cs is growing, probably from the good EQ and the slow squash jelqs, I’ve not been successful at isolating the pressure on the ccs, so I’ll experiment some more and will add other compressive squeezes as well.

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I don’t really get it I was getting excellent expansion and massive semi erect size not so long ago, but now it seems mostly gone even when I have good EQ and continue to PE. I did a heavy work out with heat yesterday (did not feel anymore productive than without heat) and some squeezes and dry jelqs today, EQ was very good so it’s difficult to say I do too much.

So, few things:

-Supplements could have given a very nice boost in size and they don’t work anymore/I stopped taking them (especially tongkat and maybe citrulline) .
-I do PE too often
-Penis adapts very quickly to the exercises (imo proper jelqs should always work) so I need to change them way more often, a la Peter Dick.

Hard to know, I should probably stop doing the multiple dry jelqs sessions, reduce frequency and see how things are, then I could change exercises if needed to see how well I respond. I may pick up double handed wet jelqs again.

Zinc is treating me well so far, voice is deeper (resonates more) and EQ has been pretty good the last few days.

Pycnogenol and collagen:…g-nsp051607.php

“After a detailed investigation of the heart tissue, Watson found Pycnogenol supplementation to significantly enhance the connective collagen matrix of cardiac tissue. Whereas the chronic hypertension in mice led to a significant loss of connective collagen fibers, Pycnogenol significantly increased the collagen presence, resulting in stronger cardiac chambers. “…llagen-elastin/

Damn maybe it’s the worst supplement for PE!

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Sounds good to take before or along an extended break.

Vitamin C has few connections with collagen metabolism as well.

The pimp question would be: will they affect penis growth (or recovery, function etc)? Haha.

Thanks for sharing this up!

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As I understand it anything that makes collagen stronger is awful, yet you need more collagen to grow your penis. Maybe it could shorten the duration of recovery? Sounds too tricky to play with that stuff hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will chime in!

I checked girth and no change, not sure what happened I was thicker at some point but lost it along the way. It could have been supplements or not.

I edged this morning and was quite thicker and full . Things looked very good.

Monday+Tuesday: Bends and compressive squeezes for 15-20 mn in the shower (continuous heat) .
Wednesday : Only stretches, no warm up but I really eased into them. I’d say 20-25 mn in the morning and some more in the evening, straight out and fulcrum stretches. Grip may not be a major problem if the skin is dry and one understands there’s no need to use a lot of force with his arm.
Thursday: See first line. I’m going to do some more of the same girth work. For now the idea is to do either 2 on 1 off or 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off.

Things that could have played a part:

-Too much zinc, I took a double dose of zinc on Wednesday. It better not be the reason for the erection this morning!
Supplementing with a bit of zinc and magnesium (+spinach at night) has made a difference in well being.

- Right PE with heat and right schedule.

-On wednesday night I ate fruits, minced meat + onions, spinach, soup , just a bit of pasta and a particular salad. More experimenting to do.

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Time to stop chasing girth, I may or may not do length work and something really light like a bit of jelqing. I’ve been doing PE for months again and have no results so I have to stop being such a pig !

The reasons behind the great erection I had was lots of aragula + a bit of l-citrulline (nutrabio), it does make my asthma / allergies worse so I can’t use it, but I suspect a lot of people could benefit from it. Eat a lot of aragula and beets for a week or two , maybe add some l-citrulline (not citrulline malate) and erections should be better. It’s possible to have an allergic reaction to aragula so beware of that (it may get worse over time).

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I have good erections and libido again, tongkat ali works and I use horse chestnut extract. After a lot of mails Lifeextension is my go to brand for these, esculin was not even detected in their horse chestnut extract (CoA)!

0 mm increase in size after the months of work and time off , I still have some plans for the future. I actually wonder if the exercises ever gave a temporary increase in size of if it was just the pycnogenol + l-citrulline combination.

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I’ve been experimenting with various warm ups and heat sources over time (infrared lamp, rice sock, continuous heat from shower, washcloth, hot water bottle over a damp towel) , I bought a food thermometer out of curiosity. If I do the warm up from mem’s rapid gains mechanisms (steam the penis by wringing the washcloth) I can reach a maximum temperature of 60 celsius degrees, if I lightly wring it we’re closer to 54 . I think 60 is way too much heat I recommend against it. With an insulated cup the hot but manageable temperature is 48 degrees, which is nice because my tap goes to almost 50 . These sound like more ideal numbers if one thinks about heat used to lengthen ligs. However the quality (supposedly) 30cl double wall insulated cup I bought still loses 4 degrees after 4-5 min of use, that may be a bit too short-lived, unless heat is used often throughout the routine. I’m curious about using one of those 1L thermos, the width of the entrance is about 5 cm, so one may have to be wary of not getting hard in it :) . There would be a possible advantage if the heat can be kept for much longer, the 4 min in insulated cup felt nice, so 10 in a thermos at a higher temperature should be excellent.

Anyways, still a lot of things to try.

Oh and libido / erections are doing better, diet is key, eating enough carbs and proteins is mandatory (fuck intermittent fasting huh). Sunlight is also vital imo. A couple of other things that could play a part are when one wakes up (and starts sleeping), when one eats (if I eat a big meal with plenty of carbs/starch in the afternoon I die).

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The 1L thermos is perfect at keeping heat almost constant (1 celsius degree loss over ten minutes), however the issue of the entrance must be kept in mind .

Other things to try:

Keep a washcloth wrapped on the penis, massage with one hand and use the other one to semi-continuously pour water from the thermos.

Pumping with hot water (low hg, just to be a bit expanded, 2-3 hg) and applying two hot water bottles on the cylinder, wrap them in a towel.

Pumping at 2-3 hg with hot water and two hot water bottles wrapped around the cylinder worked quite well, it went from 46 celsius degrees to about 42.5 after 10 minutes and I can improve on those numbers. The water I put in the hot water bottles was 65 degrees, I can use a bit more than that, 70-75 should be fine. I had not pre heated the cylinder with the hot water bottles either.
42 celsius degrees should still have value for PE.

I ended with a big flaccid and no visible lymph fluid build up (skin not thick etc..), this set wrapped up the work out nicely , I can’t say whether it’s worth the extra effort or not .
Next time I may try do spikes in hg to see if the heat and water combination can help stretch the tissues.

I pre heat my pump with a heating pad these days while having a wet washcloth inside with entrance closed.
Creates a kind of moist heat in it. The sides get very hot cause of the pad but I use a thin sleeve anyway so I dont get direct contact most the time.

I like to heat my dick with the hot pump and then do exercises until I loose the heat and reenter the tube to heat up again.

For some time I would use a thermos along with a waterpump/bathmate to warm up outside the bath. I just spurted the excess water through the release valve back into the thermos.

60 degrees sounds insane hot. 50+ should be enough to have an effect on the collagen.

Hopefully less than 50 will. 60 was the temperature of the water some way into the warm up and then I wringed the cloth , I don’t know what temperature the penis received but it was still too hot. As I said if I use real water (thermos) 48 degrees is a maximum, if not too much , usually 47-47.5 is perfect.

Plenty of heat and intense bundled stretches without lube led to a blood blister in the skin of the shaft. I’ll see if castor oil helps.


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