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New Routine Journal

Originally Posted by Italianguido69
Thanks man that is awesome! :) my base grip would be pretty tight right?

tight enough to hold the blood above the grip. but not so much that it hurts or bruises

and yes even a few jelqs can make a difference. Congrats on your postive PI ‘s.

Thanks man! So I grip the base and then kegel and then jelq up?

We’ll today is my 3rd session because yesterday was my day off. Woke up wit morning wood so that is great. Obviously I don’t get erections in the day because I’m on ADD pills but at night I’m good for my routine. I’m adding 10 jelqs tonight, at 30 jelqs.

Just finished my routine. It was easier to stay hard and I included kegels, which was hard to get used to but it’s great! I have a tendency to slip my jelq onto the glans. Nice flaccid hang after workout.

Thanks man, I do very slow jelqs to get a good feel. Also I add 10 jelqs every 4 days. Not sure if that’s good? I still need to experiment with my grip strength.

Because of my ADD pills my penis doesn’t have much blood flow in the day so can I edge or does this make recovery time longer?

We’ll I always have bad blood flow because I’m on pills that’s why I do my session at night. I wake up with morning wood all the time though :)

What meds are you taking, if I can ask?

Concerta and ritalin, highest concerta dose 56mg

Just finished my fourth session, kegels obviously making the difference! Greater expansion, just trying to find the perfect erection level. Tomorrow is my day off so I will start my fifth routine with 40 jelqs the day after, which will be 1 week in this linear routine!

Had morning wood for 30 minutes straight in bed this morning :)

Hey guys, I just finished week 1 of the linear routine and tonight was the best session, got rock hard sometimes and had to stop jelqing! :) does it matter if I take a break every 4 or 5 jelqs or do I need to be continuous without stopping to jelq? Also how often should I measure my gains?


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