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Originally Posted by Italianguido69

Ok thanks man I’ll try not to :) would you say .1 gain in 1 month is good?

Every gain is good.

They add up.

So in 5 years You’ll be 6 inches more. That’s a not so bad gains.

Do you think 5.35 NBPEL is small? I’m 6.35 BPEL

Lol true! Girth won’t grow:(

You’re bigger than average.

Thanks man, made me feel better :)

:) .

Hey guys tomorrow I’m 1 month in and I’ve been jelqing much harder with a lot more plump on the head from a stronger grip and harder erection level. My sessions feel much better but I no longer get morning wood but I still get hard all the time during the day. Is this ok? Also since starting PE my unit looks way nicer:)

If you don’t get morning wood but the other EQ indicators are better than before, don’t worry. Morning wood depends sleep quality too.

Thanks Drako!

Is it ok that I use a very tight grip? it gives me amazing expansion

1 678910

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