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New Routine Journal

Lol true

Tonight I’m starting 30 second stretches in 5 directions, any tips ?

Originally Posted by Italianguido69

Tonight I’m starting 30 second stretches in 5 directions, any tips ?

you can actually do a 360 stretch stretching in all directions going 30 seconds around the clock. Then other hand in reverse back the clock.

Thanks ! Nice tip

I’m on day 17 now and my morning wood came back yesterday, after 1 week of none! :) I’m also jelqing with a nicer tighter grip now so that might be the reason…

Hey guys I’m on day 19, so almost 3 weeks! 12 more days till measurement! Is it ok to jelq at 80-90 percent erect in your experience?

Hey guys I’m on my 3rd week of my routine so I decided to go a little harder on my jelqing grip and erection level a little higher, much more expansion but red dots on shaft after session… Experiences?

Thanks firegoat, I’m on day 22 so I will be measuring in about 9 days. I jelq at 90 percent erect, what’s your thought on that, too high?

Decided to measure 27 days in length went from 5.25 to 5.35 inches NBPEL and girth stayed at 5

Sounds good Guido. Don’t become obsessed with measurements though.

Ok thanks man I’ll try not to :) would you say .1 gain in 1 month is good?

I’m jelqing at 85-90% erect tight grip

I would suggest a slightly lower erection level, say about 70%. If your penis is near completely hard, it is impossible to move much blood.

Ok thank you!


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