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Just a good old hobby for myself.

Just a good old hobby for myself.

I have PE’d for a few months in April and May of 2011 and got newbie gains from 5.5 to almost 6.5 and 5 to 5.5 on BPEL and EG. I didn’t cement my gains and I stopped because it just didn’t matter and I got bored easily and had too much stress already and PE had turned into a stress for me as well. I used the bathmate, manual exercises, etc. For me what worked best was just manual exercises for 10-20 minutes a day twice a day. Anymore then that is just a hassle to me and I’d rather promote growth and EQ then stress and problems. A quick backstory on me - I moved for work and family a state over and my girl of the last 4 years still comes over on the weekends and she’ll be moving in come summer time. She’s a skinnier girl with all the good thick points on her body but is constantly trying to lose weight and fluctuating her size so last night I told her that if she keeps trying to lose weight I’m going to grow my dick back out again which she wasn’t so happy about last time because I never did get her in the mood properly and just used it as a weapon which was uncomfortable to her to say the least. She thought it would be a good idea actually so we made a bet that the more I gain the more she loses. I figure this is a win win because she loves my size as is and I like her as is but if we can have a little bit of fun with personal image then why not. So without further ado, I’ve picked up baby powder, Vitamin E Vaseline type lotion and a cloth tape and ruler and here we are again. I also have a cock ring and an air pump but I’d really prefer to use neither. Seems to just clot up my blood and never keeps any real gains. No point in faking a big one if you don’t have one in my opinion. I also had a hanger a while back but I find that long sessions just chafe or desensitize my man and if I’m not doing it to make things feel better then whats the point again. So I’ll be using all manual exercises in other words due to my opinion above. That’s just my opinion, other people do well with those methods but that’s not me. I’ll document the vitamins/supps I’m on and also take measurements every 2 weeks starting on 3/16, Sunday mornings.

Vitamins/Supps: 6 Pills of Orange Triad as a Multivitamin and 1G L-Arginine a day

Workouts: Morning in the Shower -
Shower is my warmup.
Wet Jelg or Dry Jelg if lotion washes off using Vitamin E/Vaseline from Johnsons and Johnsons for about 5 minutes. Good strong 4 or 5 second Jelgs. Deep grip.
Manual Stretching Left and Right Outwards, Downward and Upward while still in shower for about a minute per stretch. Total of about 5-6 minutes of stretching.

At night I’ll most likely be using baby powder for another set of stretches and then jumping in the shower to washoff and doing another set of jelging before I call it a day.

I’ll be kegeling whenever I remember to for 3 second holds throughout the day. Its usually a 1 or 2 hour drive in the morning and at night to the job site for work so it gives me a good amount of time to get some K work in. I also be doing a few pulls whenever I use the portajohn and have a chance if I remember.

I can feel my inner penis behind my balls up to my head stretching upwards and I can feel my ligaments slightly burn and pull when stretching out and downwards. Jelgs make me juicy and show some expansion. I’m noticing a better flaccid and better erect and still get random hard ons and morning and night woods here on my second day already. I figure that means my body is responding well and I’ll stick to what I have been doing until it stops responding well.

I’m taking a less is more and if it works don’t change it approach this time and I’ll have my starting stats up tomorrow.

Good luck to you with the gains, and good luck to your girl with the losses! :)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Update. Picked up a 125 Watt Infrared for hatching chickens/reptiles etc. Will be stretching at night using the infrared as a warmup and keeping it on while stretching. Just tried it out for 10 minutes and my inner thighs hurt down to my leg with good downward and side to side stretching. Pretty sure its ligs as I moved my skin around and found no tightness of skin just an inward stretch. Could also feel it beneath my balls. Kind of like an arousing sensation but more of a stretching sensation. Definitely worth the 10 dollars to get a deeper stretch then normal.

My girls already too skinny the only weight she has is in her ass and tits. I just wanted an excuse to get back to PEing and motivate her to not blowup like a whale now that we are settling down.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

3/16 Stats:

6.5 BPEL, 5 Middle EG. 7 BPFSL.

Those are the 3 measurements I’ll be using to track my progress. Takes care of the fat pad and gives a good solid look at if my ligaments and tunica are stretching out.

Today I’m taking it easy. Outward and side to side stretching for a minute holds after warmup in the morning and at night. Probably spend a total of 10-15 minutes on PE today. Tried to make bibs Pipe hanger and ended up making a roller/power jelq type device out of it instead because of the pipe being to small to wrap around my penis. Maybe he isn’t using PVC or maybe its garden hose I got no clue I haven’t been able to make a home made hanger even out of string and wrap to save my life during my whole PE career, hanging just doesn’t seem to be my thing.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

3/17: Long day. Another one tomorrow. Gotta be up at 4 so my routine was..

Warmup: Shower with a few 30 second hold down/straight/left/right pulls followed by infrared warming and 5 minutes of the same stretching in front of the light. Then did wet Jelqing for 5 minutes. 2 second holds. Warm down was infrared light and pocket pussy play for some arousement and blood flow for 2-3 minutes.

Up early for work tomorrow. That’s all for today.

3/18: Off day. Tomorrow is an on day. Friday and Saturday will be off as well.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

3/19: Wednesday: 45’s left/right/straight, down and BTC stretches. 10 minutes of stretching after a shower and Infrared warmup.
5 minutes of 3 second Jelqs.

After my off day yesterday I felt some good stretching and expansion and I had great woods while sleeping in the truck on the way to the job site and home. I’ll probably bust out another set of stretches and another 5 minutes of jelqing in an hour or two. First, steak!

Update: Wish I could just edit the above post.

Update: Did another 5 minutes of stretches. Wasn’t really feeling it so I moved onto jelqing a little quicker then I expected. Good news is that I spent a little over 5 minutes jelqing and finally found my sweetspot on them. I’m feeling a bit worn out today after the work week though, hopefully tomorrow brings more energy.

Busy all weekend. Thursday thru today. Haven’t had time for much. Getting back into it tomorrow.

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