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Looking good so far...

Looking good so far...

Here is a email convo between my girlfriend and I…read from BOTTOM to Top

HER-yeppers….she’s good to u and ur good to her….hahahaha

ME-hahaha thats goooood

HER b/c im attracted to u duh….lol u just touch me the rights ways and i desire you always so i just do….u kno how to do me just right :D

ME-why do you?

HER-my little suction cup love oven is very accustomed to you and only you…i get wetter i noticed

ME-you feel good…like a little suction cup love oven haha.. no i didn’t hear you leave
——-Original Message——-

HER-do i feel different? did u hear me leave? i wasnt gonna leave but i didn’t have clothes for today so i went home late

ME-does it feel different?
——-Original Message——-
HER-did u make ur d grow? …what did u do to it
——-Original Message——-

ME-maybe ur different inside

HER -lol i cannot sit on you….WHY

ME-did YOU sit on it…. lol no i saw it (referring to my…you know)

HER-did u sit on it (referring to something she put on my chair)

Not sure how much I have gained,I’m going to wait until a month is up before I measure again. Been PEing for about 2.5 weeks now. Other than the cold glans one time, everything has been going good.

I’ve been reading about cooling down after a PE session to cement gains, anyone do this?

Hey YouknowD, that’s great to hear. There’s not a lot better than hearing our lovers mention the changes we work so hard to achieve.

In regards to cooling down after a PE session to cement gains, I’ve heard it works wonders, but haven’t tried it myself. I don’t think it’s detrimental in anyway, so I say go ahead and give it a try. Be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

“little suction cup love oven” <- I loved that part. :chuckle:


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