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2 years after, and a lot of breaks

2 years after, and a lot of breaks

Hello, I started PE 2 years ago. I will paste here what is left in my PE journal.

Start : August 9th 2012
BPEL : 5,5” (14cm)
EG : 4,40945” (11.2cm)

My routine is a basic beginner routine

1st week : 5 min warm-up 5 min stretches 10 min jelq with olive oil
2nd week : 5 min warm-up during shower 5 min stretches 12 min jelq
3rd week : 5 min warm-up during shower 5 min stretches 14 min jelq etc
JAI stretches when I remember to do them in my work-out days, about 20 kegels almost everyday.

Only one healthy body clue, more erections. No unhealthy ones

Back in 2012, after one month of PE I gained 0.25” in length. Due to lack of motivation I stopped everything.

09/01/2013, I measured BPEL : 5,7” and EG : 4,3” and started JP’s routine on the 16th of the same month.
09/20/2013 BPFSL : 4,9” (after a workout)
12/29/2013 I measured after a session the same BPEL and EG : 4,5”

I complained about having no gains and no improved erections, people said I overtrained because of the Bathmate so I stopped any exercises for a week.

30/12/2013 : BPFSL : 5,1” (+0.2”) BPEL : 5,5” (-0.2”)
06/01/2014 : I started the routine again without the bathmate.
17/01/2014 : last workout, a veteran at thunder’s place says I need to be gentle because I have no improved erections. He suggests another routine called linear newbie routine.

I will wait for 1 or 2 more weeks and start the routine.

I started again in february 2014 with a routine called linear newbie routine. 1 day on 1 day off, I started at around 20 jelqs and added 10 every 3 workouts.

I measured again in april and BPFSL was 5.3” (13.5cm) to 5.5” (14cm). I then stopped the routine in mid april and only used an extender. I took a 2 months break with the extender from april to june. On the 17th of july I was at week 3 with the extender.

07/03/14 : BPEL 15cm, (5.9 in)
07/14/14 : BPFSL : 14,7 cm (5.7 in)

5th of july I started the first routine again that worked, the first routine.
I’m now at 5 sets of stretch straight out, left, right, down, up, and 10 minutes of jelqing. The stretches take a lot of time because I get an erection easily. I edge 2 to 3 times a week.
And I still use the extender, more than 6 hours a day (between 600 and 900g).

Measurements as of today :
BPFSL : 6.29” (16 cm)
BPEL : 6.25” (15,9 cm)
MEG : 4.5” (11,5 cm)

My goal is to reach 7/7.5” BPEL then I’ll focus on girth.

Measured again today and gained nothing, not even in BPFSL. I keep doing the same routine, but I took a 3 days rest starting around the 14th of august. I’m getting closer to 900g in the extender, but getting new PIs.

I stayed in it for about 1 hour in the last session today and my glans was getting really dry. Also, if I extend with too much traction the glans can get really hard. Most of the time if I spend more than one hour (still close to the 900g) the glans is swollen and there is a thin line in the middle, seperating the bottom part which is fine and the top part which is swollen, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter.

Measured again today : BPEL : 15,9 cm (6.25”), MEG : 11,5 cm (4.5”) BPFSL : 16 cm (6,29”) so I didn’t gain anything. I took a week off from the extender 2 weeks ago, and quit edging a few weeks ago because it took too long.

I’m wondering what I should do now. My routine is the same as before, 5 stretches in all directions and then 10 minutes of jelqing. Should I increase to 20 minutes of jelqing over a month ? Or add advanced exercises ?
My classes will start tomorrow again, so I won’t have as much time to spend on extending.

The tension I use on the extender is also the same as before (close to 900g). I can stay in it between 60 and 90 minutes.


You seem like a hardgainer like myself.

I needed to switch things up to get things going to gain.

Things that helped me:

Longer warm-ups 15 mins+ with a heating pad

Myofascial unlocking 10 mins every other day + intense 10 min kegel routine

At least 20 mins stretching, incooperate BTC (!) stretch + newbie stretches each 1min long.
Do the straight out stretches slightly downwards to hit the ligs.
Reverse kegel a lot.
Don’t pull hard, ease into the stretch. You want it as long as it could be stretched out and not pull as hard as you can.
Place your palm on your belly where it connects to the base of your penis.
You should feel the stretch there (except upwards).
Push your palm a little bit into this area to feel and learn to better stretch.

In my case I stretch progressively .. Starting out week 1 12x30s (up , so, down, BTC each left,right, center) + 4h extender and ending week 8 36x1min, every 3rd day jelq session only, no extender.
In the last 2 weeks you will get really sore, take afterwards a couple of days off and repeat the cycle.

I gained after 8 weeks 7mm. Jp90 did nothing for me.

Start out with BTC in squat position to fight erections

Throw in 15s 360/helicopter shakes after 3 stretches.

Then put immediately your extender on.
I prefer 1300-1500gr for an hour to get a max stretch and don’t readjust. What really helps is a heating pad again at this stage. I use it for 30 mins.

In my eyes a extender should be used at least 4 hours a day to see gains.

So put it on for 3 hours over the day, doesn’t matter when. My sweet spot is 1100-1200gr for the rest of the day.
Put it off every hour for circulation.
When you are done for the day edge at least 5 mins.

If you want to jelq, I would do it every 3rd day to avoid hindering length..
And do them low erect 20-40% slightly downwards to hit ligs 3-5s long with 1-2s holds. Concentrate on them, 50 perfect jelqs are more effective than 500 with a too hard grip.
Only concentrate on moving blood and the stretch.Don’t choke it to death.
What really helps is myofascial unlocking before, kegel routine afterwards and heat.

Hope this will help. I grow myself with this routine exceptionelly well as a lenght hardgainer.

Oops, sorry wrong thread.

Maybe its still useful;)

" PE is a helluva drug. "

I’m now at 5 stretches for 30 seconds straight out, left, right, down, up and 18 minutes of jelqing 2 days on 1 day off.
Same tension on the extender, but I can go up to 90 minutes more often now.

New measurements : BPFSL : 16,5 cm (6.5”) and BPEL : 16,2 cm (6.37”)
I think I should stop bothering with EG because I won’t gain anything with stretches and jelqs.

Hey man. i see you are into simple manuals routine too.How much of you almost 1 inch gain you think came from the extender? How long do you used and how many month has it been?

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I really can’t tell if the last gains came from the extender or not, because I extend every day (with a break once a month) and I never have any break from jelqs and stretches.
I started using the extender in april 2014, where I measured at 14 cm BPFSL. I was at 14,5 cm in march 2014. I wear it between 3 and 8 hours a day, most usually at 5~ hours.

Overall I think the extender greatly helped for the BPFSL, which in turn should increase the BPEL. I would recommend it to everyone who has a lot of private time honestly.

Great .so if you are stand up jelq you are best

I wanted to wait but now I can say I’m at 16,5 cm (6.5”) BPEL since the 1st of November. So I gained a bit more than 5mm in 3 months.

It starts getting slow but hey, at least I’m gaining.

Hello, things changed quite a bit since I got a girlfriend in last november. I started to skip my PE exercises days more and more often, then forgot PE. One day she told me that she had a korean sex partner with a 3-5 cm bigger one than mine, and since that day I decided it was time to make magic happen again.
I didn’t measure since a few months, but the biggest I had was 16,8 cm (6.6”) BPEL. I didn’t touch my ruler since and will try to get it as soon as possible, because I’m starting from the newbie routine again this evening.

I also told her I had done PE and her reaction was far from disappointing me.

It’s good to see some of the TP veterans are still here ! dickerschwanz, I’m not sure I understand what you mean.


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