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Using pump to 'clone your bone' and measure volume?

Using pump to 'clone your bone' and measure volume?

I had a thought (a rare find!) which involved the use of a pump to not only determine the volume of your wang, but also make a casting mold…

Would this not work:
1) fill cylinder and tube(s) with water, to the brim.
2) pour out all water into a measuring container to determine capcity.
3) repeat step 1.
4) insert your wang into the tube. Some water will be displaced, just minimise this as much as possible.
5) Pump to full erection (discarding pumped out liquid), then remove yourself from the tube without losing any more water than was displaced.
6) measure remaining water in cylinder after pumping to determine difference from full cylinder capacity. (full capacity minus your remainants to determine volume in mm or whatever you’re using)

I will try this at my next available opportunity and report results versus basic cylinder calculation estimate! :)

I thought that using some of that ‘alginate’ shit which is fast setting and is used to cast body parts for such things as movie masks, could substitute for the water, and also leave a pretty perfect mould in the shape of your cock! Fill it with plaster, wax, or whatever else you feel like, let it set and/or cool and then the alginate padding will be easy to remove it by.

If I can determine my volume this way, then maybe I can efficiently purchase the right amount of alginate to do my own home-bone-clone as a present to my girlfriend, or just as a handy paperweight/utensil around the house! :D

Another one bites the dust! :(

I only just realised, as I posted, that the pressure you pump to, will directly affect the result you obtain. Bummer, that.
Though I will still try this, at moderate pressure (proper, full erection) and high pressure (inhuman erection + distortion) to see what a difference it does make. It may still be relatively accurate though, maybe?

I think you’ve described a pretty good way to get an erect volume measurement.

I don’t pump but I think I might try sticking a good erection into a water filled bottle. Bone pressing the bottle neck should give an accurate and consistant measure of BP volume. I wish I’d done that before I started PE because I think my volume has increased at least 30% judging by my girth and length measurements (and also how it looks). It would be nice to have confirmed it with a direct measurement.

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Can’t you think of anything more complex?


Water displacement sounds like a good idea.
Funny but it reminds me of the Archimedes story so…
I googled it. :D

Archimedes (c. 287-212 BC) is considered as one of the greatest mathematicians and inventors of all time.
Archimedes was born in Syracuse, Sicily. He lived there most of his life. When the Romans attacked Syracuse, Archimedes invented weapons to defend the city. He is said to have suggested a method of employing mirrors to set enemy ships afire. After a two-year siege the Romans finally entered the city, and Archimedes was killed in the battle that followed. Among his other important inventions: the lever, the compound pulley and Archimedes’ screw.

But his greatest fame lies in the field of mathematics. Archimedes was able to apply the method of exhaustion, which is the early form of integration, by which he calculated different areas and volumes of geometric shapes and solids. Archimedes also gave an accurate approximation to π and showed that he could approximate square roots accurately. He invented a system for expressing large numbers.
In mechanics Archimedes discovered fundamental theorems concerning the centre of gravity of plane figures and solids. His most famous theorem gives the weight of a body immersed in a liquid, called after him, Archimedes’ principle - that a body immersed in a fluid is subject to an upward force (buoyancy) equal in magnitude to the weight of fluid it displaces.

Legend says that Archimedes discovered the principle of displacement while stepping into a full bath. He realized that the water that ran over equaled in volume the submerged part of his body. Through further experiments, he deduced the above mentioned Archimedes’ principle.
The legends goes further and tells that Archimedes was so excited with his discovery that he hopped out of the bath, and rushed naked into the street yelling triumphantly, “Eureka!” “Eureka!” (Greek word for ‘I have found it!).

Another legend describes how Archimedes uncovered a fraud against King Hieron II of Syracuse using his principle of buoyancy. The king suspected that a solid gold crown he ordered was partly made of silver. Archimedes took two pieces of pure gold and of pure silver that had weights identical to the weight of the crown. He then successively immerses the gold, the silver, and the crown in a container filled to the brim with water and measured the volume of water that overflowed with each material. He found that the crown displaced more water than the gold but less than the silver, thereby proving that the crown contained some other metal which was less dense than gold.

You make want to check this link here.

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Stillwantmore did this but using a kit he bought. I think there some other members who did as well, using other site kits. I wish now I had done before and after PE molds. More proof positive that PE works.

My “cloned bone”!

I wonder if the alginate wouldn’t kind of muck up your cylinder, Sec.



Super - Ha! Well, I haven’t gone streaking down the road just yet, although sometimes even I am astounded by my own brilliance :D

avocet - the reason I thought of using the pump to get a mould was because I sincerely don’t think I could pull a boner for long enough into a cup of cold goop to get a flawless copy!

With the pump, it forces you to maximum size (in the time it takes to set, you shouldn’t expand beyond that either under low pressure)

I’m not particularly concerned about the cleaning up issue. It might be hard to get out of the plastic tube, but that’s about 30c/m at the hardware store. I’ve seen this stuff in action before, it stays actually quite rubbery and flexible when set, and tears easily, like a wet sponge. Plus, the tricks of the trade are that you coat the inner surface with a lubricant like spray oil before you pour it in :)

Originally Posted by secjay

avocet - the reason I thought of using the pump to get a mould was because I sincerely don’t think I could pull a boner for long enough into a cup of cold goop to get a flawless copy!

Yeah I bought a kit with an ex which involved a tube and some plaster of paris type stuff. You only had a limited time between mixing and setting so we tried to get me as hard as possible, while mixing up the mix, but as soon as we tried to apply it my cock was having nothing to do with the idea. You try keeping a hard-on while emersing your cock in a tube full of a think slimy mess. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Scientific breakthrough in the church of Secology!

Lordbase - exactly what I am afraid of - it’d be a total waste of money. I like my idea enough to try it soon though :)

BREAKTHROUGH! I tried my little experiement…

Unfortunately I don’t have lab grade equipment, only kitchen stuff. But I would say it’d be accurate to within about 10-20mL (Imperial conversion in a bit, read on) The shocking finding I have to report is that the standard volume calculation we’ve been using for years, pi*r^2, is utterly uselessly innaccurate! For me at least, it gave a totally overblown estimation. (Using my full stretched length and full erect girth, which I should have achieved while under pressure) my measurements would indicate, with this formula, that I should occupy around pi * 2.5cm * 2.5cm * 25cm = 490.9mL, nearly a half litre, which is NOT what I obtained via Archimedes principle! (and a bit hard to believe as it is… pfft - half a litre, as if.)

The value I measured using just enough suction to obtain a full erection in the tube was 310mL. (I also noted that the amount of liquid I could suck out to obtain a very high pressure was not a significant enough amount, at least not enough to skew the measurements a great deal. I may measure more exactly at a later time, though, to find a range of error the maximum of which would basically correspond to one’s own threshhold of pain.)

The formula I had to use to obtain anywhere close to the actual measurement, in a theoretical calculation, was this formula for the area of an ellipse, multiplied by length (same as the one we’ve been using, but taking into account varying widths and ‘heights’ of penile cross section instead of assuming a perfectly cylindrical shape)

Using this formula, to be more accurate about the shape and not overestimate so damn much, I plug in my values:
V = pi * (4.5cm*0.5) * (3.5cm*0.5) * 25cm = 309.25

That is - the width of my dick across, halved (to get the ‘radius’), times the ‘height’ of my dick (from balls to pubic bone) halved (to get the ‘other radius’), times the length. And behold - 309.25mL!!! It shouldn\’t actually be this accurate, due to the shape of the head, the corpa spongiosa, bumpy surface including veins, and so forth, but it seems to work fairly precisely at least for my shape! Incredibly close, in fact, to actual measurement.

I actually did the measurement, before I tried the calculation. No funny business.

For American style people, using my same metric values converted to imperial into the same formula for cubic inches:
V = pi * (1.77” *0.5) * (1.38” *0.5) * 9.84” = 18.88 Cubic Inches. Nowhere near the 25ci+ or so estimated previously. Wad, you will have to rewrite your calculator, I’m afraid ;)

For comparison, I measured my hand and a decent amount of my wrist and got a value of 360mL. My hands are not small either. I will measure my girlfriend’s hand tonight, and since she is so small, I will take great delight in telling her (possibly) that volumetrically, me fucking her is like her double fisting herself :D (But we’ll just wait and see about that…)

It would be a great goal to get to equal the volume of a can of coke (375mL) because that would be awesome bragging rights! :P

Happy obsessive measuring, everyone!

Note: pi = 3.14

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Just wanted to add that Rob (PEnine) did the same or similar experiment to my proposal and tells me his results were 321mL. Bastard! Well, I guess that’s what you get for having 7” at the base. Don’t worry Rob, I’ll catch up soon ;)

Originally Posted by secjay
It would be a great goal to get to equal the volume of a can of coke (375mL) because that would be awesome bragging rights!

How about a can of Foster’s 24 ounce?

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Huh? I am confused by the 24 ounce gibberish… But other than that, do you think it’s taking it a bit far?

Sorry, I don’t know what came over me! Of course it isn’t! :D

Originally Posted by secjay
Huh? I am confused by the 24 ounce gibberish..

Sorry, 24 ounces equals 710 ml.

That huge can has always caught my eye.

Now that you’ve done the math for my feeble brain - OUCH!

We can only hope that I can more than Double Volume Daddy. (DVD) :D
Let’s just say the 375mL can will be my ‘half way milestone’ :)

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