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Why measure BPEL when that's not the visual truth?


Why measure BPEL when that's not the visual truth?

I don’t understand why people measure BPEL. The hell is the point? When someone looks at your dick, do you really think they are going to [ask you to] pull against the base so the entire thing is exposed? Of course not. People don’t judge length by how big it looks after you jam a ruler against the bone, they judge it by how it is just the way it is…NBPEL. Just why is BPEL even used? I mean, if your gains are only obvious in BPEL, that means the only one who will see the true gains is you. But isn’t the point of this whole thing to have something to show to others?

I’m just arguing about the fact that I believe PEers should be posting their NBPEL in gains because that’s what the world sees and it’s what your dick naturally looks like.

I mean, I thought I was only a below average 5.25 incher….yet it turns out that when I measure BPEL and push the ruler against the bone, I’m a fairly average 6.25..yes, you read correctly: an entire inch bigger when I hold the ruler against the bone instead of just holding it right where the base starts. See what I mean? If you’re gonna call me average length when I can show you my dick right now the way it is without a ruler jammed over my cock, then both of us are definitely going to see it is not really a 6, and I am going to crack up not to mention shake my head in shame.

Those of you who claim to have gained enough to put you at 8 or 9 inches, I hope that’s nbpel because what’s the point of bragging if you have to push against the fat pads (which come in all different sizes) to be able to say “see NOW that I’ve scraped skin off my groin to stick the ruler closer and closer to the bone, you can clearly see I’m 7 inches.” When men have sex with women and go all the way in, they only feel your NBPEL…so why even bother with the whole BPEL thing when it’s not what is visually there? Is it because gains are only noticeable by BPEL? If that is so, then I might as well stop PE because I need to gain in NBPEL not BPEL..(as you can tell).

So are you guys expecting me to tell everyone I’m really 6 inches when that’s only by pushing a ruler into my fat pad above my cock to the point where it touches bone? Cause personally, that makes me feel like telling everyone, “Hey I’m 5’11”.. even though I’m wearing shoes that give me another two inches” when I’m really only 5’9”.

Whatever….opinions are like assholes and everybody’s got one, but I’m sorry, I just find it laughable to hear people claiming they’re this size one way (which people actually see)… and that size the other (only after jamming a frigging ruler against the skin above their cocks to push them out more)…I mean come on guys. Thank God there isn’t also a “cheat” for EG measurements otherwise there’d probably be PEers on here claiming they have 10 inches of girth…LOL.

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quick answer: IMHO its a more consistent measurement over time than NBPEL, as the fat pad can vary week to week depending on diet, exercise, stress and other factors.

I can tell you that when I am having sex my girlfriend feels my bone pressed length……….I love to REALLY press it into her…..


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

I think there should be a thread rating called “BDA” which stands for “Beaten to Death Already”.

hi j384 nice to meet you here,

You may have got a better response here if you had posted in the newbie forum.

What we are interested in is gains and a consistent way of measuring them. ELBP gives us that because we are pushing to the bone rather than a fat pad that may change size. Its reasonable to target a NBP measurement for your goals but trying to keep a good record of gains will be hard with this method.

My BP is the same as if i measured from the side…. i.e. the length is visible and usable + the consistency factor. There’s your answer.

First of all I just wanted to say that there have been so many threads and topics on this forum, that unless I took away 4 hours from my time to sit and read through the archives, I still wouldn’t uncover every thread here so I appologize for digging up a topic that has already had its head busted open with a sledge hammer. :( That thread with the strong debate which you sent me to hobby, was started all the way back in January…what I’ve been reading through here only went back to April so again I’m sorry and next time will keep reading deeper into archives. It’s just so hard to find these things as I did a search for BPEL vs NPBEL and things like that but that thread just never seemed to show up. :( Fact of the matter is, I am obviously going to have to dedicate a week solely to reading old threads if I want to come close to catching up with the rest of you. This forum has been up for so long that a new revolutionary thread just doesn’t seem to be something you can expect to see anymore, as I’m sure it’s all been disecting and analyzed over a year ago. Only reason why I posted it here was because I wanted the “post your gains in NBPEL” statement to be heard by more than just newbies, but I guess enough of you are already against NBPEL measurements that it wouldn’t even matter.

At any rate, all I have left to say in my defense is that I am disappointed to hear that the gains are supposed to be noticed via BPEL measuring, because like I said before, a partner only (well at least in my case and obviously in many others’) sees what’s sticking out of the fat pad, not what’s hiding beneath it. I am comfortable with my weight and have maintained it for years…I’m not thin and I’m not chubby, so I doubt my fat pad is going to be expanding or contracting at all in the near time future. And yea..maybe some of you grind your women all the way to the point where you’re pushing to the bone, but I’ve always found that painful, not to mention the problem that it slows me down. What I have read about the fat pad is that it is more a genetic trait than a weight thing, and that unless extreme dieting is performed, the chances of reducing its size are slim.

Oh well…I guess it’ll just be my secret then that I’m “really” an inch bigger than what you can see…


You seem to still be missing the point. The reason for BP measurements is in measuring GAINS. Not for any bragging rights or advertisements. BP simply takes out one of the variables in measuring that will lead to greater accuracy.

I can tell you that over time, my BP and NBP gains are highly correlated. However, there have been times of weight fluctuation where they have not been.

If you gain an inch NBP, then gain thirty pounds and lose a half inch NBP, have you not still made one inch of progress?


Its Hard

Its hard enough to get an accurate measurement using bone pressed methods, AND the growth measured is usually 1/16 of an inch or 1/8th of an inch at best. Use the pressed length to guage growth and you’ll be happier.

I guess we are ruler fanatics around here. Ive seen discussion on:
Bone pressed erect length ( the gold standard)
flaccid length
stretched length
angle of dangle
% of the toilet paper roll

I think we have an obsession with this dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Future gains are bpel

Bpel shows what gains are likely to occur in the near future for your Nbpel. Now if your 6” bpel and 5”nbpel, and after a month of pe you are 6.25bpel but still 5”nbpel, that says keep at it because very soon you are going to gain .25 non bone pressed. so bone pressed is just way to check progress early.

Going for 9

It’s a RELATIVE measurement, not an ABSOLUTE measurement.

As mentioned above, to provide a consistent measurement method.

be back soon

Oh yea Mr. Smartypants?? Tell people whatever you want to in regard to your size. I personally hope you’re not going around telling everyone your size. I reserve such topics for women I’m intimate with and only if THEY bring it up. As said above, BPEL measurements are for tracking gains. Butchaknow what? I hope it bugs ya too Mr. Insecurity….I’m STILL 7” NPBEL!! HA HAAA!!! “Nuts to you” as my Granny used to say.


another thread that should be moved to the newbie forum…..

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

agreed. done.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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