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How do I measure? PLEASE REPLY

How do I measure? PLEASE REPLY

How exactly do I measure? I thought I was supposed to measure by putting the ruler even with the base of the penis and not push it into the skin and fat there.

Now I just read that you are supposed to push the ruler in against your pubic bone. Is this true? I don’t know if I believe it. I always thought I was very small because I was 5.25 inches erect (4.75 inches in girth) measuring the way I was measuring, but if I measure it by pressing it in, because I’m a little overweight and have some fat there, I’m 6.5 inches. I don’t think I’m that big. It doesn’t look very big in the mirror. I don’t even come close to the porn stars. I mean that’d be great if that is how you actually measure. I just don’t believe I’m 6.5 inches. Is this the way everyone measures? Even the people that don’t PE?

Thanks a lot!

These are both options for measuring. If you press in, BPEL (bone-pressed erect length), if not, NBPEL (non bone-pressed erect length). BPEL is more accurate for measuring since your weight fluctuations are not taken into account (fat pad depth). Everyone basically does what they feel most comfortable with…you can do both.

One foot to go

I think bone pressed erect length measurement is to have a bullet proof comparison for the length when you PE. However it is obvious that your real size will be what someone else would see when they look at you. So your tummy fat should be included, and you should measure the visible length as off what you have.

If you think about this measurement difference, you should be very much motivated to lose that fat on your belly. Think about how much size you will gain by losing weight.

Just be sure to measure exactly the same way every time you measure. It may also be a good idea to measure a few times to get your technique right, because in a month’s time or whenever you measure and see a gain, you may have a little doubt in the back of your mind wondering if you did it correctly the first time.

I am also a bit overweight and have a fat pad of nearly an inch and a half, but don’t think I don’t use that hidden dick inside the fat pad while having sex, just press it in and see how easy it collapses. It’s just hidden, not unused.

Good luck and welcome to thunder’s.

Welcome to Thunders

I measure BPEL mainly because of the psychological effect that the higher number has on my psyche. Do it whichever way you want just do it the same way each time.

Good luck

PS dont take ANY advice from Captn Hook :iws: or PirateSteve :-s . Read some of their posts you’ll soon see why.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


Well I guess I’ll chime in. In my reading of different web site penis size surveys some say to press into the fat pad, some say just to measure from the base of penis and many/most don’t say.

For some reason I went back 2 nights ago to look at some of the surveys and it seemed that the ones performed or quoted by sources that “seemed to be” medical sources (web MD, DR. Dean Edell and some others) used bone pressed as the way to measure.

I will go back and look tonight or tomorrow night and try and find these again and post a link or give the web addresses so you can look yourself.

I use bone pressed because I do it to compare my gains month to month and find it is the most consistent method (and I reallllly press in firmly to stay consistent).

But I would agree that what is showing or available to put in your partner is a more meaningful number.

Most people here use bone pressed for the reason stated above and it is the way that is requested in size’s PE data site (see link at bottom of all pages)

Welcome to the forum, and I’ll try to have those links by 12/11/03 5:00 GMT

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