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Flaccid measure difficult for me

Flaccid measure difficult for me

Hi all!

Just recently restarted PE with more commitment, mainly various manual stretches and dry jelqing. My efforts have been very sporadic/inconsistent over the time I’ve been PE’ing (just over a year, with the above techniques and a bit of hanging) but am pleased that I have gone from 6” to 7” NBP and am 7.75”BPEL now, thanks to thunder and all members here! (I wish I had formally measured when I started- the only baseline I have is that since I was 15, I knew I basically had a 6” dick) EG 5.5”. (was just about 5” pre-PE)

Now the crux of the subject. Iv’e followed Hobby’s description on how to measure, but when I try to do a flaccid stretch measure (uncut by the way), I find it impossible to bone press, because the skin around my penis/ pubic area/ top of legs seem to form a tent, a bit like a shuttlecock (no pun intended :p ). So the ruler (metal) can’t get close to the pubic bone. Any tips?

Also, possibly because of the extra length I’ve gained, when I get an erection my balls and sack are more forward along the shaft, so the gains don’t look as impressive as they could. This is true when flaccid also. Again any tips/advice? Oh yea, I wear a cock ring all day (rubber, around balls also) This couldn’t be a contributing factor could it?

On reading back this post it doesn’t sound very interesting, and it sounds like I don’t know my own penis :( so I hope I get a reply!

Thanks peeps.


Feel with your finger behind you dick to hit the pubic bone- you will measure it from the side top, not the direct top. You should probably try to prop the ruler UNDER your extra skin. Just tweak around with it- you’ll develop a way :D

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Yeah..I get what you are saying. The thing is , my skin seems way too taught when I pull right out flaccid. Maybe it’s the harsh metal ruler that doesn’t help!


the first ruler I used was a thin metal ruler. Ouchhh! It felt taut to me and I couldn’t push maximally into the pubic bone.

I suggest getting a ruler that is wooden and thick. I found a triangular one (offers many different increments -2 each side for 6 total) It is about 5/8 inch per side and comfortable enough to push very firmly to pubic bone.

Though it’s nice to use the same one through out to keep measuring consistent.

My difficulty in measuring flaccid (besides the normal variation throughout the day) is that unlike measuring erect in which my dick seems to shrink when a ruler comes out, it becomes bigger when I start a flaccid measure.

It’s always something.



I found this somewhere on the web
Place the ruler at the side of your penis and press it to the pubic bone, in this way there are less obstacles.
Keep both the ruler and penis horizontal so you have the same angle.
This measurement will give a slightly different result as on the top method, but if you do it always in the same way the result will reliable. To compare with others, you need to use the same method of course.

Good luck!

goingforit & Yves - thanks for the tips guys. Yea I just tried to the side and it is easier. The thing is I get a slightly higher measurement from the side, and it seems that the consensus here is to measure along the topside of the penis. But I guess the important thing is to be consistent with when and how you measure, however you choose to do it.

Think I will invest in a more comfortable ruler though goingforit!

Like you I too suffer from measuring ‘gremlins’ - on flaccid measure I grow :( Erect measure I tend to loose erection strength. I think I need to be more focused and eliminate masturbation from the end of a routine. And I don’t kegel nearly enough as I should. My erection stamina is very weak/poor.



Edit: apologies Yves, I read your post far too fast and I repeated alot of what you said- DOH!


I just had a quick look at the Thunder’s Place database and here also they do the measuring on the side of the penis.
Here’s also a picture to make it clear.

Take a look,

Yves - there are no attachments to be released. Check the size of your image and review this guideline then try again.

My fault


Sorry my fault, probably due to the language barrier.
I was referring to a picture in the date base section. When entering your date, there is an explanation, with picture, how to do the measuring.


Can someone tell me why we even should care about FSL? I understand why we want to know BPEL, NBPEL, FL, EG, and MSEG since they all pertain to our ding-dong in some natural state of use. Measuring FSL seems pointless to me. If I’m missing something of value here please enlighten me.

Start: April 2012 BPEL 5¼" x EG 4¾"----> July 2012 BPEL 5¾" x EG 4⅞"

First goal: 6"x5"

Long Term Goal: 8"x5¾"

Originally Posted by goingforit
… ruler……..I found a triangular one…..

Awesome idea!

My flaccid measurements vary a bit depending on how deep I want to gouge myself and how much pain I want to inflict, lol.

Are you fully retracting the foreskin before you start to stretch? If the foreskin is in place then I can easily see how you are getting that tenting of skin at the base.

FSL doesn’t come up naturally, but it does correlate to EL, and I find FSL easier and more consistent to measure since erection level is taken out of the equation.

I use a steel tape measure which has a flat rectangular clasp on the end. I tried switching to a ruler, but it gouged me also. The tape measure is more comfortable.

Originally Posted by BeardedDragon

I use a steel tape measure which has a flat rectangular clasp on the end. I tried switching to a ruler, but it gouged me also. The tape measure is more comfortable.

An even better suggestion, Thanks.

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