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Pumping and length

Pumping and length

I have a question regarding pumping and length.

It seems that the general concensus is that the effects of pumping are not permanent, but when I read about pumping in a tube, after you’ve packed the tube, then most of the pumping is going to apply to drawing out your length.

Most posts refer to this point as getting a good “lig stretch”. If this is true, then why wouldn’t pumping for length produce some permanent length gains? I mean, if you’re stretching your ligs and holding them in that state for a period of time, and then on top of that, you’re doing this regularly, wouldn’t it produce some permanent length gains?

Any insights?


Just an educated opinion

I am no expert on anything to do with PE, being a relative newbie to actual practice of the art. However, I have spent months researching all aspects of PE. If I were not convinced that permanent gains, along with better penile health, follow from pumping, I would never have added it to my PE arsenal. It appears, from my research, that gains from pumping may be slower than those earned by other methods, but it adds a dimension that other methods do not. Coupled with jelking and some form of stretching, I believe pumping can contribute to both length and girth gains. That is why I do a cross-training type program that includes all of these.

Avocet8 and some of the other long-time PE practitioners can probably give you some more concrete encouragement from their experiences.

Good luck!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

bigjack>>>what dos your program look like? im using a pump and jelk to
my program lookes like this

10 min pumping@ -5 to -7hg
200 jelks
10 min pumping@ -5 to -7hg
200 jelks
10 min pumping@ -5 to -7hg
200 jelks

done this for about 1 month still no real gains but im patient :)

Pure pumping results?

I am considering getting a Hydro-Pump, and Dennis from who sells them said pumping will only increase girth. Now, unless someone has PEMD (Penis Enlargement Medical Doctor…LOL) after their name, I’m not sure if their word is 100% accurate in every instance. So can anyone tell me if they are a pure pumper (no other type of PE) and what gains in length they have or have not achieved? He’s telling me not to go with a 1 3/4” wide cylinder for the Hydro-Pump although my girth is at 5” which falls under the 1 3/4” cylinder category. I want to make a wise buy on a pump, but I just don’t have the experience I may need to make that decision. Can someone/anyone help me out by telling me their personal experience with length gains on pumping? Thanks! :)

-Jonnie D.


He’s welcome to his opinion but no length gain from pumping doesn’t seem to be the case. The owner of LAPump told me that the majority of his customers report length gains. I’ve talked to many “pure pumpers” and all but two got more length. I grew an inch doing no other PE but pumping but had more gain after I combined pumping with other exercises.

I’m not familiar enough with water pumping to say, but there may be something intrinsic to using water for him to discourage you from going to a 1.75 tube? Our water enthusiasts here might know if that’s so.




Lookingformore, sorry I missed your question. My routine is “evolving” at the moment. I began with something similar to what you are doing. I was alternating 10 minute pumps at 4-6” Hg with 200-300 jelks, two sets per session, 2 sessions per day. I ended my sessions with about 25 JAI’s.

Last week, I began hanging in the a.m. 3 sets of 20 minutes. In the evening, I would do 2-3 sets of 5-minute pumps with 100-200 jelks in between, followed by JAI’s. This week I am doing pretty much the same routine, but all in the p.m. Hope that helps.

J.D., I am not a “pure pumper” simply because I want to cross train using various approaches. However, I am convinced that pumping will help with both length and girth. Warm water pumping is more pleasant/comfortable to me, but I do not do that exclusively. Lately, I haven’t had the extra time for water pumping, which I normally do in a long, hot bath. When that is the case, I am much more careful to do a good warm wrap session at the end. For example, I will take a large, sealed rice sock heated in the microwave and wrap with it and go to sleep. Probably gives 20-30 minutes of good warmth.

Avocet, you inspired me to add pumping when I read that you had good gains with just pumping. I had theorized that pumping and jelking would be a great combo, and you seemed to confirm that. I want a couple of inches in length gains, and I believe that hanging and stretching will be instrumental there. But, I really want girth gains that I can be proud of, so pumping and jelking are the ticket there for now. I plan to add squeezes (Horses and Uli’s) as I become better conditioned to PE. Right now they are a little too advanced for where I am.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

bigjack and other beginners;

You could safely add either V-stretches or memento’s modification with a soda can before you are ready for Horses or strong Uli’s.

Coke Can Stretch

(memento, if you are reading this, would you teach me how to do that “word link” trick of yours?)

V-stretches are not very stressful unless you’re very erect; they give good lateral expansion to the cavernosa and, they feel real nice.



Worth a try

Avocet8, thank you for the input! I did some static stretching, initially, before switching primarily to JAI’s. I had been thinking about adding Memento’s Coke can stretches, but hadn’t seriously thought of trying the original V-stretches. After reading your comments, I am interested in giving those a go. Sounds like I might like them.

Thanks for the link. And, I am with you. I’d love to know how to do those word-link deals!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Avocet8, thanks for the tips about pumping. Yes, I believe his reasoning behind sending me another 2” cylinder is because the water needs to get all around the penis but it can’t if its too tight to the sides of the cylinder. However, since all these pumps and cylinders use standardized connections (gotta love standards!) then I told him to send me a 1.75” cylinder anyway. I still have a pump with a 2” cylinder so I can swap them back and forth. Can anyone who has used a hydro-pump tell me if there is anything special to doing it? Should I be concerned about getting water in the pump or is the pump designed to prevent that? Thanks again!


T; Thanks. Memento just gave me a private primmer. I failed, but not his fault.



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