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Coke Can Stretch


Coke Can Stretch

Don’t know whether this is worth posting but here goes anyway.

I’m always looking static stretch variations (mostly variations on an inverted v-stretch).

I started off stretching over the edge of my nice soft swivel chair, which does a good job but produces a downward shaft exit angle. I wanted a variation to produce an upward exit angle.

When I started doing the modified asanas (1) predominantly, mainly to free up the hands while stretching, I found myself missing the inverted v, despite the good stretch.

I had a coke can sitting on my desk so I tried placing it under the shaft at the mid point. Instant inverted v-stretch :)

I’ve tried this over the edge of a chair as well and it produces a good stretch there too.

With a full (and preferably warm) can the stretch is good and the can doesn’t deform. An empty can does deform but produces a weird upward pressure as it tries to push back into something like its original state and, though I’ve now got through a few cans, I think its preferable.

Of course this stretch will work equally well with a can of Dr Pepper or Fanta. Maybe even a can of beans :)

Anyway, seemed too obvious to post but here it is and I’m sitting here again with nice warm tired ligs, so I thought I’d share.

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memento, I have tried something similar to this where I put a stick across my legs and under my penis it seemed like a very good stretch. I would be scared to sit there and look at a coke can with all that girth *shivers with anxiety* next to my penis. :D

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

F*ck me

The more I use this stretch the more I like it.

I’ve got through so many coke cans that I’m now only using them full.

I think its good because of the large girth of the can. The penis is flattened when stretched out and down over the can.

Not only does it give a good lig stretch, I now have a highly ribbed tunica, so its stretching the tunica ahead of the ligs. I swear this thing is giving me girth too (but I’ll have to confirm that).

I think the fact that its basically a combination of continuous pressure upward throughout a good portion of the length and squeeze (ok a pancaking effect) is a really good combination.

I’m thinking a larger diameter can would be better, to support as much length as possible.

Coming into the stretch I pull at low tension, release a little and then pull full tension and occasionally kegel and release to increase the stretch as with previous stretches.

DLD, you would probably need an oil drum ;)


Are you saying you throw your unit over the coke bottle and pull down on the other end? Is that all there is to it? If not, could you please explain further?

Also, how long do you hold the stretch for?

Thanks for your insight.

Yes its that simple. Thats why I was wondering whether to post it or not. Don’t think there’s much insight involved :)

I use a can rather than a bottle.

When sitting on a chair, the can is placed between spread thighs near the edge of the chair. Your penis then goes over the can and you pull in a downward motion over the chair edge.

I hold the stretches for 3-5 mins, regaining circulation by slapping the penis against my thigh a few times and pushing a little blood around with a few jelq movements (while flaccid). I use an overhand ok grip, with cloth padding below and over the glans and most pressure on the sides. To make the stretch easy to hold I lock off the elbow joint and apply more force by leaning in to the stretch. This is in a 20 min set. I’m currently doing 2-3 sets a day.

With the asana its simply a case of inserting the can under the member before pulling into the stretch and ratcheting up the force by leaning forward or moving the feet out.

It’s the Memento Can Stretch! The MC Stretch! MCS’s!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! :D

two problems

1. No fresh ideas in this at all

2. If I was going to be associated with anything I’d prefer it not to be a transglobal corporation with a such a limited understanding of ethics ;)

he he he

Memento, I like your style!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Baseball bat stretch

I just tried a baseball bat. It layed nicely across my legs and stayed in place. It produced a good stretch that I could fill deep in the base of my lower ligs, clear to my rectom. I have never felt a pull like that before. Funny thing is that with it pulling so deep, it some what stimulated my prostate.


Memento et all...

I was wondering if you guys do AI stretching as well. The coke stretch, hanging, or any regular kind of stretching contradicts AI stretching. I’m not saying AI is the way to go, rather I’m seeking your opinions and thoughts about both types of stretching.

Has one worked better than the other. What do you guys think?



Cool. sounds like the kind of thing DLD mentioned. That should mean an increased exit angle which is nice.

With the baseball bat to you get to wrap quite a lot of your shaft over the bat and basically squash it flat?

I tried a few stick kinda things but couldn’t get close enough in to the base of the shaft.

Yeah its a good deep stretch :) I feel it for hours afterward.


Thats a whole other thread. I’ve tried JAI but consider the form of jelqing I do to incorporate what is basically an JAI on the end of each stroke. I know people have made good gains so its probably something I will play with more when/if static stretching works less well for me.

Similarly with the DLD Blaster, tried it once, nice stretch, but I’m way too lazy to do it all the time but it will no doubt be something I’ll revisit.

I think they are both really good stretches.

Right now I’m a static stretch kind of guy and I will continue to use these stretches while they produce gains and I continue to feel them working. I think they are the closest thing to hanging in manual exercises (but with the hangers experimenting with blasters its all change over there).

In terms of what you should do. Find out what works. Do the JAI, do the Blaster and see how you feel after a session. Then do them for a couple of months and see how the gains come along.

There’s nothing to say you can’t mix these stretches up. Maybe a blaster every other day and JAI’s the rest of the time or JAI’s before blasters (or after). The only problem with that is you won’t necessarily know which have helped you gain most.

If this stretch works for you use it, otherwise ignore it.

You’re spoilt for choice really :)

Cheers, Memento! I appreciate your response. I will play around with the stretching techniques.

Nice idea.

One that I have entertained myself with in a past that had more time for PE. Something I found to be of comfort is using the various sizes of plastic bottles (12-20 oz) that are availible in countless diameters. Nice to fill it full of warm water for heating and comfort. I originally tried this technique to counter a slight bend, but have not had much time to PE or participate here, so the results of this have yet to be realized if there are to be any for me. I threw this bottle idea at someone long ago who was trying to achieve an upward bend, but they never really posted anything to the results of their quest. Either way, this technique definatley spreads the forces out in seemingly safer manner than a V-stretch. groa

mmm, going to be trying that :) I like the idea of heat and using the pressure of the water to provide a not too easily buckled surface is brilliant. Thanks Groa.

Glans becoming red like Rudolph's nose...

Thanks memento and groa! Great stretch and expansion!

I’m in my second week of these stretches over a plastic bottle filled with hot water. I have faith that I will finally see my first length gain.

The only problem is that the glans becomes very red around the meatus during the stretch. This has resulted in some noticeable discolouration on the day after.

I warm up in hot water for ten minutes before and after this exercise. Sometimes between reps as well. I slap the unit against my leg or abdomen and jelq lightly between sets to restore the flow of blood. I try to do 1 set of 5 stretches that are 3 minutes long each. I follow a 5 on 2 off routine.

I try not to trap any blood in the glans before the pull and use a wrap for protection under my grip.

Is there any way I can reduce the amount of pressure that is being built up in the glans?

I love this exercise and don’t want to abandon it so please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

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