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any ways to optimize pumping for length gains?

any ways to optimize pumping for length gains?

I’ve tried hanging in the past and have had some success but with a huge amount of effort. I quit hanging because I beleived it was hampering the strength of my erections and also because of the huge investment of hours spent with a weight suspended in an uncomfortable position.

Pumping has always been more enjoyable for me. It is simple, hard to mess up, but unfortunately it hasn’t effected my length very much yet. I’ve been pumping for less than 6 months and although I don’t mind the gains in girth I’m beginning to wonder if length gains will ever come from pumping.

My questions are:
1. Is there a tendency to have girth gains in the first 6 months and length gains later? Or no correlation at all?
2. I’m close to packing my 2 inch tube. Depending on pressure I can pack the tube. I’m wondering which is more ideal: the top section of my penis including some shaft to be the unpacked part or is it better to pack all of it except for the glans? I’m talking for optimal length gains.
3. Is there any way to optimize pumping for length gains?

My current routine is to jelq 150 times quickly hardly erect, get erect, enter tube for 20 minutes at pressures between 5 and 10 hg. I know 10 hg is high but so far I’ve had no blistering or I’ll-effects whatsoever.

Thanks guys, appreciate your help.



Porn, kegeling in the tube, maybe ED meds to keep you hard, heat

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout

Porn, kegeling in the tube, maybe ED meds to keep you hard, heat

how do you tell if you’re hard in the tube? I never understood how it was possible to lose an erection in the tube under pressure. The vacuum kinda prevents that doesn’t it?



No it doesn’t. The pump doesn’t provide desire. You’ll feel some sort of strain on the shaft if you ever lose your wood during a pump. The pumped look however, stays intact regardless (probably what causes the pain).

I’m not sure there is hard proof that says staying hard while in the pump really accomplishes better gains. But I know if you go in hard vs not there is a difference in the workout.

Plasticman: Good to see you back. Do you have an update for us on what happened to you and if your gains are still there?

Edit: Never mind I found your new thread. :)

=/ I’ve never felt pain and very little discomfort ever while in the tube. However I do homework while pumping so I don’t think I could still be naturally hard without the pump. I never come out hard, I’ve tried watching porn the whole time but for me its hard to get/stay hard without physical stimulation. This is one part of pumping I’ve never mastered at all =/



I always enter the tube rock hard




Try to diversity your routine some. Jelking is great for length (and girth). So is pumping. Alternate the two.

Do a set of jelks, then pump for a short while (6 - 8 min.) then jelk, then pump, then jelk.




If you kegel with a real erection in the tube, versus with a pumped erection, you will notice a difference in the feeling. It’s subtle but it’s there.

I’m coming up on a year of pumping, not as much as some here but long enough to have learned a few things. Going in hard and staying hard, however you can do it (for me it requires a fair amount of porn, or milking the tube as I get close to packing), really makes a difference in getting the best possible fluid-minimized expansion.

I have some of the issues/Qs you have on length. I have gained some (1/4”) but not much since I started pumping last November. Like you, I hung before that. Hanging I credit for really stretching my ligs but with a fairly low LOT to begin with I got minimal length benefit. Though I did get a lower erection angle which has sunk even lower with a heavier tally from pumping. Not to malign hanging too much but I think to get length gains from tunica stretch it requires the kinds of hours that I just don’t have.

Pumping for me may only represent a slight improvement length-wise, but it’s still an improvement and the benefits girth-wise, how good it feels and how I can fit it in my schedule more than make it the no-brainer PE tool of choice for me.

Edit: I almost missed your post GP (I have to stop skimming through threads and actually read everything lol) thanks, it’s good to be back posting a bit.

My apologies machten, I’m just now checking what your routine is. I guess you wouldn’t feel discomfort at 20 minutes,

I tend to stay in for hours at a time at risque pressures. >_< =*bad habit*

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