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Please! Is this normal?

Please! Is this normal?

I have been pumping for a while with a 2” tube..Lately I have read about using a 4” tube for scrotum and Penis pumping and the effects it has on size, especially stretching the ligaments.

I ordered the 3.75 tube from sawed off the flange, sanded it, and applied the huge silicone seal from pump toys.

Tonight I used it for the first time… Anything above 3.5 hg feels like someone kicked me in the nuts, (the pain in the abdomen is the same as if I got kicked) is this normal?



If it hurst, it is bad. Did you consult with one of our resident pumping specialists before deciding to do this?

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Although I am not a pumper I would assume that you are feeling pain because you are using too much pressure to start off with. I started sack streching with a 1.5 LB. doughnut weight and I felt the same. When I put the 1/2 LB. on it was comfortable. After 3 weeks the 1.5 felt just as comfy. Put the tube on and apply just enough vaccuum to keep your sack inside, get your jewels conditioned to the suction and try increasing slowly over time…

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Vacuum pumping the testicles will draw fluid into the scrotum. It will not enlarge your nuts. If you’re doing this for fun, use a lower vacuum setting (your pump does have a gauge, right?). If you’re trying to make them bigger permanently, it’s not likely to happen. To answer the question, yes, it’s normal to have abdominal pain when you traumatize the testicles.

Originally Posted by westla90069
To answer the question, yes, it’s normal to have abdominal pain when you traumatize the testicles.


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