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HELP: Is this normal?

HELP: Is this normal?

I’ve started a PE program this past week. On my first day of exercise I began by stretching my penis in several directions for several seconds. As my penis became erect I started to gently jelq until I was performing what I imagine a ULI to be….. An amazing thing happened! My penis swelled up like NEVER before. I was really hung. My head had tripled in size and it just had a full look. Also, I noticed that when I jelqed, ulied and stretched the head of my penis would always change shape first. Is all of this normal???? Is this temporary monsterous increase in size the NORM?

My routine as of now consist of:

30 mins of jelqs, stretches and ulis (every other day) ON DAY

OFF- on off days I do kegels no less than 2000 a day. I’ve been experimenting with squeezing my PC muslcles for extended amounts of time…..

What does my routine look like.

My goal is to reach 7 inches NONE bone pressed and to reach 5.5 inches in girth.

My current measurements are 4.8 inches NBP 5.3 inches BP

and as for girth around 4.7 inches erect

Do my goals sound reasonable….

What changes would you advise??

Also what kind of equipment is availabe for stretching ALL day??? Im familiar with the BIB hanger, but Im looking for an all day tool that would allow me to stretch all day…

THANK you all

Welcome Kegler!

What you are experiencing is fairly normal. After jelqing or doing Ulis you can expect some temporary tumescence. It usually goes away fairly soon but it’s very gratifying when it happens! ;) Be careful though and try not to rush into things too quickly or you will invite injury. Your penis has to become accustomed to these new stress and it’s very easy to over do it especially in the early stages. Generally, Ulis shouldn’t be attempted early in your PE career - they are potent and can be the cause of injury to an unconditioned penis. My advice is to leave them for a few months until your penis is stronger and more able to handle the intense stresses that Ulis provide.

A 30 minute work out may be alright - it depends a lot on the intensity. Perhaps 15 or 20 minutes may be a safer option to start with.

2,000 Kegels!!!!! Holy moley, that’s a awful lot!! :eek: Kegels are great and an important key to prostate health, but I think that maybe overdoing it a tad! :chuckle: The PC is a muscle and as such reacts like other muscles in the body. If you wish to strengthen your PC with Kegel exercises it may be best to take a leaf from a bodybuilder’s book - high intensity but low reps builds muscle. It depends what you want - I personally have no desire to have a PC strong enough to crack walnuts - besides, who’d eat them!! :chuckle: Keeping it nicely toned is more important than great strength for me.

It’s very likely that you will be able to achieve your goals, but you must be persistent and dedicated. Also realize that it won’t happen overnight, but there is a very good chance that it will happen. Your own physiology will dictate both how much you gain and how quickly you gain it and be mindful never to push it or you’ll end up with injuries.

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Keep us posted!
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If i get an erection it will not stay on its own unless i masturbate or have actual sex then it will stay hard but without stimulation it goes soft i assumed that when it gets hard it should stay hard as long as the mental desire is there is this normal.

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