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Head (glans) triples in size during jelqs...normal?

Head (glans) triples in size during jelqs...normal?

I’ve been jelqing everyday for the past 2 months in a 5 days on, 1 day off routine, and from day 1 my head (glans) always ended up tripling in size during the jelqing.

I started the first month with 15 minute jelqing, and then the second month I moved onto 30 minutes of jelqing.

Regardless, every single time I do it, within a minute or two, my head becomes TRIPLE its regular erect size…and to be honest, it’s scary.

Since it’s becoming triple the size, the head of course feels rock hard…seriously though, so hard that I can’t even push into it a little.

After only 2 months of jelqing I have definitely noticed a slight increase in girth, but what I am wondering is if it is normal for my head to “blow up” during jelqing…or am I doing a completely different type of exercise aimed for the head that I am not even aware of?

All I’m doing is your standard jelq….50 - 80% erect, tight ok grip starting from base, slow 3 second movement to just below the glans, alternate hand going into ok position and squeezing right before the primary hand releases….repeat.

Afterwards (like most of you I assume), my dick is in a state of “girth shock” where its girth remains nice and plump for the next 15 - 20 minutes even after exercises (not just the head)… and the only way to make my penis to shrink back down to its normal flacid size is if I hop into the shower for an ‘instant shrivel reflex’ from the contact of the water.

But I’m wondering…is my head ever going to become the size I see it literally ERUPTING to during the jelqs…but on a more permanent basis? Cause from my perspective, it looks like a scary monster in the middle of jelqing with the triple sized head it becomes, and I lose myself into a state of awe where I’m thinking, “Holy shit, this can’t be my penis, it can’t be!”

Unfortunately of course, as soon as the jelqing is over, it dies down to a lesser impressive head size, but still bigger than usual.

So will I ever obtain what I currently believe is a “monster sized head” only to find myself jelqing to an even bigger monster size in the future? Or is the size I’m tripling to during the jelq the highest I can ever expect to see in the end?

Triple the normal flaccid size? Yup sounds reasonable. You may however be jelqing with too hard a grip for your erection state or a lower erection than you think if you feel the pressure increase greatly as each stroke progresses (this ultimately leads to the baseball bat effect). Its a little like doing a uli #3 with every stroke.

Will you ever reach that size? Probably if you persevere for long enough. Of course by that time when you jelq your head size may become triple your current triple size ;)

The fact that your penis remains large for some period after jelqing is a sign of a good workout. Do you use a hot wrap after jelqing? For me this reduces the post workout pump a little and makes the penis feel more dense.

Hope that helps.

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