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bumps? normal?

bumps? normal?

well, ive been PEing for about a week now. and I’ve noticed bumps on my head and im not sure if its from PEing or not. Has anyone else experienced this? Also is this normal when starting PE? What can i do to get rid of them?


Hey Kic —

I am faily new to PEing as well…been doing it about three weeks….I never got actual bumbs, but the first few days I did experience some spotting…what I have read is to just take a day off a let yourself heal. But Im sure that some of the other more experienced PEers will have better advice.

Did you join a pay site to get your techniques if so which one? I joined…but have also found some other manuals for free that have a few excersizes that they dont.

Good luck with your goals


No, i didn’t join any sites, i was about to but then i found this forum and it had all the exercises right here so i decided not to and just use this forum.

Good choice, kicflip :) :)

ù ì å í


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