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Is this normal

Is this normal

Well, recently i noticed that there is alot of tubing (the chord that is connected to the testicle) in my left side of my sac, i was feeling it, and it just tubing but the thing that concerned me is that it isn’t like that on my right side of the sac. Do u know what i mean? is this normal? Does anyone eles have this?

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Well I just double checked and mine seem similar in a cross sectional sense but its normal for one ball to hang lower than the other so there is more length on the lower side. Is this maybe what you are noticing?

We take a lot more notice of what is going on down there once we start PE’ing, and the normal can seem aberrant.

its like there is alot of extra chord that is connected to the testicle, it all bunched up, its only on the one side. im not sure how eles to explain it.

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Me too!

You are not alone. I also have this extra cord-age only on one side (left side). The cord is all bunched up near the base of my cock. Is this similar or is yours bunched up closer to your testicle? Later

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You may have a varicocele. For more info do a search on Google. Here’s one site that has an explanation. And a thread about it here at Thunder’s.

It isn’t uncommon.

is a varicocele something to worry about? should i go see a doctor about it?

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I am glad someone asked this question and explained that they have the same thing. I have the exact same thing and have always been concerned about it. I have had 3-4 different doctors at one point or another look at it. I never spelled out how the right one does not have anything near the same amount of veins. When it bunches up on the bottom and the top of the left testicle the area get tender. They have never felt anything abnormal but it has concerned me from time to time. I massage it and ejaculate also which seems to relieve it.


Should i get this fix? im only 18, so im not planning on having kids anytime soon. Also if i get this fixed, can it reoccur again?

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BigBlackStick is only 25. He just got his fixed and the operation went well by his reports. Its got to be worth at least going to a doctor to confirm that it is a varicocele and then going from there. If you didn’t read the thread hobby posted its worth reading.

varicocele question again

Is this condition painful or life threatening? If one suffers from this can it wait to be fixed? I don’t plan on fathering my 1001 kids just yet, so does it need to fixed if your aren’t planning on more offspring yet?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

From reading sticks thread it appears the answers are:

no (no)
and no

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