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Newbie Penomet Problems

Newbie Penomet Problems

Hello reader,

I purchased the premium Penomet package a number of years ago. I began using it again about two and a half weeks ago. I followed the guide of 10 minutes with the purple gaiter, for 5 days on and 2 off. My penis would get rather tender and, at times, bruise in small patches on the glans. It would also seem to turtle shortly after and I’d have water retention below the glans. I tried to pump using only one hand today, as not to press too hard, and the head still bruised. I spend a few minutes with warm water on it before I put it in, and I do the same once I’ve taken it out.

I do have one problem that might be attributing to this. I’m on lithium (mood stabilizer) and escitalopram (anti-depressant) to keep my mood stable as I have bi-polar, and they affect my EQ. Sometimes I’m forced to go into the Penomet at perhaps 30-40%. More of a full semi than an erection. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the top of my glans is often pressed against the top of the tube. This is because I’m about 7.5 inches BPEL and I have a distinct upward curve like a banana, so it’s hard to avoid this.

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. I’m doing this because I’d like better EQ and also more girth. I’m 5 inch MSEG.



Hey. Im on zoloft ive been on lithium before its pretty potent and of course nirvana had a great song about it. So i took yohimbe and just doubled the recommended dose and it worked absolutely perfect. But that was for me maybe give it a try and see.

The problem with these pumps is there is no pressure gauge and it is very easy to go overboard with too much pressure, especially if you pump until no more water gets expelled.

You are going to have to take a least a week off to let everything heal up. When you start again, just pump to half the level you started at before and stay there for several sessions until you start to get conditioned to pumping. If this stops the bruising, then slowly add more pressure each session until you reach the maximum for the purple gaiter.

If you were pumping with an air pump and gauge, you would start off in the 3”hg pressure range, but I am guessing that the purple gaiter max pressure is somewhere in the 5 to 6”hg range. But that’s the problem. I don’t know how to equate gaiter strength to actual pressure levels.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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The turtling is the key. That’s a negative Pi. It’s just too much for your dick right now. Have you been doing any consistent PE at all before you started pumping? That pump was waaaay to much for me when I started too. Do the newbie routine for a while before you start pumping again. You need to get your unit conditioned if you haven’t already.

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I agree you need to condition your soldier for it. And bad EQ is a sign of over doing it. And as far as the bruising goes, keep in mind it is sucking on your soldier so it will happen. Like a hickie per day. As long as it goes away your fine. Even with some edema it goes away your fine. It’s sucking on it so it’s gonna happen. Unless you use a light suction which to me isn’t doing anything. And if you have a curve did you try and set the gaitor higher up or down according to you curve? That may help a little and maybe put some lube on your soldier so it slides in the tube it may make it better for you instead of dry rubbing it. And it will take a few times before you actually get a good technique down but you will find what works best for you.. And I don’t follow there exercise program at all. It was way to much to begin with. So I just used the weakest gaitor and worked up to the bigger one’s. And the funny thing is I get the best pull and expansion from the weakest one. The purple one.. Anyone else notice this?

Bathmate vs Penomet Vacuum Gauge Pressure Readings

Check out the video in post #2 of this thread. It shows the vacuum pressure capabilities of first the Bathmate, and then all of the gaiters on the Penomet.

The Bathmate has the highest pressure on the order of 16 to 17”hg which is dangerously high and even higher then I ever thought it was.

The Penomet pressures for all sleeves are 10”hg or higher, so for pumping newbies all of these sleeves can easily cause bruising damage. As I mentioned before, newbie pumping should be starting out in the 3”hg range.

Penomet pressures

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Wow cant believe the BM had a stronger hg. I owned both and threw my BM out because it didn’t suck hard enough.. Lmao! Traders her in for the penomet.. Lol

Thanks for the responses. I’ll take up to a week off, while I research and consider my next step. I’ve noticed that many members advocate the newbie routine, but my concern is that I won’t be able to maintain, or achieve, optimal erection levels for jelqing. Also, I didn’t want to elongate the old fella too much intentionally, as I’m definitely longer than I am thick, so I’m apprehensive about manual stretching.

I will speak to my doctor about changing medication to improve EQ, but mental health is definitely my top priority, so if something has to give, it will unfortunately be my EQ lol. I can get aroused for sex and masturbation (though I’ve only been masturbating once every few weeks lately - intentionally, for the possible increase in testosterone levels). It’s just that my sensitivity is much lower than it was before medication, and I do have trouble keeping an erection for longer than, say, 20 mins. I haven’t been able to have sex multiple times within a few hours like I used to either; once and I’m done for a while.

Basically, I would be happy to do the newbie routine if I felt I could jelq effectively, but I’m not sure that my current EQ will allow it. I did say I was concerned about gaining too much length with manual stretches, but I’d be ok with that if it were to condition myself to do the things I want to do in future.

And again, thank you for the responses. This thread was my first post, after lurking for a while, and I was blown away by how many responses there were. Thank you for all of your help!

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Hello, lads!

Thanks again for the advice. I took it and started my journey with the newbie routine. I’ve made substantial gains already. Haven’t missed a day yet. I’m gonna measure my 2 week progress in an hour or so. This is my day off so it should be fairly reliable. But I’ve gained over 1/8 of an inch girth so far. I’ve paid less attention to length but that has increased a little as well I think.

The only exercise I’ve added to the routine is where I grip the erect base with one overhand grip, and then squeeze just below the glans with my other hand. I’m not sure what this is but I read it somewhere. Ballooning, perhaps? Could someone tell me? I do it for a minute at the end of jelqing just to fill out the expanded tissue before I apply heat for a warm down. This helps with a great expansion post workout (around 1/4 inch I think, or close to it). It’s a bit hard to tell sometimes with varying erection levels, but it is definitely substantial.


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